Authentic V2 YFCM vs MFactory V3

Authentic V2 YFCM vs MFactory V3

The Final Comparaison.

As the season is set to open, replacing the MFactory V3 with the V2 by YFCM was of the highest priority.

It presented the ideal opportunity to compare the V3 and V2 side by side.

For those unaware on the backstory to this comparison, learn more here

Balancing Weights

  1. The V3 has 3x glued on and 1x riveted weights.
  2. The V2 has 1x riveted weight.


  1. The V3 flange is crude: it has hand engraved serial numbers and basic CNC machining.
  2.  The V3 flange is an old design: it was used on the V1 that was discontinued due to ungluing failures.
  3. The V2 tube is sealed and locks within the transmission flange to eliminate ungluing failures.
  4. The V3 and V2 share the same commercially available CV flange.

Carbon Tubes

  1. The V3 carbon tube has a wider diameter making it more difficult to balance.
  2. The diameter increases risks of failure from “cut conditions” by hitting screws from the transmission tunnel.
  3. The V2 tube is smaller in diameter, reducing risks of failure.
  4. The V2 is winded from pre-preg carbon filaments. The V3 is made from a lower quality rolling & pasting method as used with golf clubs.

You can learn more about the backstory to the V3's fraudulent development here

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