The interior restoration begins.

The interior restoration begins.

Spring did its thing and melted away the snow bank. 

Driving this car again immediately made me smile.

I nearly lost it coming off the highway. Fun times :D

China made 255 tires, freezing rain and a VF420 will do that.

It's a Vintage experience.

The light steering wheel, the noises, the clunks, the straight 6, the ancient design language, the notchy manual transmission, the door & trunk closing noises.

..and unfortunately, the decayed interior condition the car currently sits in.

The interior is in dire shape.

The mirror is leaking. 

A & C pillars have peeled.

All the black plastic on the center ashtrays and console are scratched.

The silver trims' paint is lifting.

The steering wheel's leather is past redemption. 

The driver side window switch is loose. 

The pedals are worn. 

But worst of all, the OEM M-Texture seats were reupholstered in a perforated leather (!). 

Step 1: Fixing the seats with REutter-CAROsserie

It takes Germans to create a seat brand with the euphonic of Latin poetry while still having etymological origins in their Saxon language.

Clap Clap Recaro!

I giggled unboxing these brand new Recaro Pole Position ABE in Nardo Artista upholster. They were shipped straight from Germany and took about 5 weeks to get here. 

Seats are like the crown jewelries of builds in *some* aspects.

They're the finishing touch - if you haven't ran out of budget by then.

These Pole Positions will get a little extra OEM+ touch as the center covers get reupholstered in M-Texture.

Yep, these are going in The Phoenix E46 M3. The E9X can wait. 

This is the first step to the restoration as it made its way to Recovery Workshop. 

I had a discussion with David, the owner, on how to align the M-Texture with the Recaro Pole Position center covers.

We centered the Red main stripe, and aligned a black section with the folds.

The sides will retain the Recaro black cloth.

Details matter.

This is step 1 for the seats as we work on unique upholstery designs for the rest of the seat.

We're cooking to offer a unique custom seat solution for BMW M owners in North America.

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