Like caffeine for your V10

Like caffeine for your V10

S85 DME Flash Tuning

I often say flash tuning are sold like Jordans: “It’s gotta be the shoes!”

A fundamentally technical & technological product that gives us an edge yet very few of us actually understand the wizardry involved. Some tuners downloaded their files from “somewhere” and sell it for cheap, others just boost throttle mappings for some placebo. 

And we fall for it. 

I have no pretension to knowing anything about timing or fuel trims, nor the subtleties involved in tuning high strung naturally aspirated engines. 

Without that technical know-how, I decided to rely on proven expertise with a credible track history, it’s why I went with Mike @bpmsport for my S65. 

The S85 is different, and the community is tight lipped. As I researched the used market for M5 and my build plans, I found Infinity Auto Design. A company operating as a ghost: one product, no website, no contact info, selling headers for prices I couldn’t believe my eyes via forums. 

As I investigated I found out who was the lead product engineer. 

It was Sal. 

He’s the grand-daddy of the most popular S85 products out there and the DME tuner to some of the most powerful S85s in the world.  As a former Evolve co-owner, he took part in engineering the Evolve headers & e-tronic exhaust system with Supersprint, R cat deletes,  carbon intakes, the v8 supercharge kits and the signature tuning maps 

He now works for @infinityautodesign as the lead product engineer. He was behind the development of the unique equal length & long tube headers - all along. 

He’s now started offering S85 flash tuning. 

My V10 is still fully catted, with the only performance mod being the sealed carbon intakes by @infinityautodesign.

The process

I got the cable & tuner module, plugged into the OBD2, downloaded my OE file in a minute, sent it over to Sal - and within 24 hours, I had my Stage 1 file back. 

  1. 8,500 RPM limit
  2. Vmax limiter delete
  3. Cold start delete 
  4. VANOS tuning
  5. Fuel & timing tuning 
  6. No throttle mapping changes

Could a tune really do anything?

I always saw Stage 1 tunes as Sprint Booster types of flashes. 

You’ve seen the short story by now. 

  • It’s faster - faster. 
  • It makes more induction noise. 
  • It responds better. 
  • It’s more fuel efficient. 

This is proper engine tuning. 

The S65 was visibly higher strung from the factory with an extremely well designed air intake system. The S85 was the foundation to it - and BMW M clearly left power on the table.  

The combination of the sealed carbon intakes + stage 1 flash has me genuinely, happily surprised. It’s something I will soon offer as a combo on @euro.connex 

For under 2,000$ and a 1 hour DIY, you’ll wake her up and remain emissions compliant. 

"Like caffeine for your V10"

The BMW S85 engine responds incredibly well to tuning with changes made to ignition, VANOS and torque maps. 

Power gains are felt and measured throughout the RPM range accompanied by sharper throttle response and a smoother overall power delivery.

A realistic and repeatable peak 30hp @ 7800rpm gain with 20lbs ft @ 6250rpm torque is achieved with a peak gain of 35hp @ 8000rpm when primary catalytic converters are already removed. 

Improved Fuel Consumption (seriously).

Our thirsty beasts will never be Prius, but 20 liter to 100km has always been a completely ridiculous number. 

The stage 1 tune on my S85 noticeably reduce consumption - no jokes! I am never frequently able to hit 400km on a 60 liter tank. 

I can live with 15 liter to a 100km. 

Developed by the Grand-Daddy of S85 tuning: Sal. 

Salman Janjua is the previous owner of Evolve and known for having developed some of the most popular, quality products for the S85.

The Infinity Auto Design DME tune has been offered for over 10 years across various different brands and tuners using Sal's tunes. It is the longest running tune with cars  across the world flawlessly and delivering unrivalled drivability and performance.

He developed the tuning files on multiple company and personal owned cars both on road and dyno. 

Stage Tuning

Tuning is often offered in "stages", it's a useful rule of thumbs. Here's how Sal defines his stages. 

Numbers are based on stock S85 dynojet figures of 430whp. 

Stage #  Required Modifications Expected Peak Power
1 None. I highly recommend the sealed air intakes 450whp
2 Primary cat deletes & aftermarket long tube headers. 470 to 475whp
3 Optimized for V3 long-tube, equal length headers. Further mid-range gains of 10whp 4000 to 6000rpm.  490 to 500whp
3+ Custom tuning for S85s with cams, strokers and/or superchargers.  Case by case.

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