Inhale, exhale.

Inhale, exhale.

"These build journal entries are part of a Special Series on the development of the E60 M5 & E63 M6 sealed carbon intakes and written in collaboration with Sal at Infinity Design.

In this entry, I forgot my gimble, grabbed Luigi, told him to hold on and got to record the new induction noises across the spectrum. 

Welcome to V10 breath works."
- Matt

The gear used. 

To record this sound clip, I used my Sony A7ii with a 24-105 FE 4.0 lens. Most importantly, it was using a shotgun mounted Sennheiser MK400 mic. 

There were no mics inside the engine bay.

The sound clip. 

It was recoded in the deep cold of January.

The high rpm woosh.

Cold air is denser, it makes the V10 breathe more, and the intake louder. Listening to the clip above, you'll immediately noise the loud air noises that grow louder and louder as I hit redline.

This is probably the most impactful acoustic change with the sealed intakes. 

The sealed intakes will not reveal the raw induction noises like carbon plenums will - still, I like it. It removes another "Executive" layer to the M5 that progressively reveals the madness.  

It's even more obvious in this clip here when I compare the stock SMG3 S5 v S6 modes.

My bottom line is this: the pairing is the most cost efficient performance enhancing modification on the V10 M5 and M6 when all is considered.

The parts pricing, ease of DIY installation and the ability to retain catalytic make converters make this a no brainer, and a smart first step into upgrading your V10 M5. 

This wraps up the Special Series on the S85 sealed intakes & stage 1 tune combo.

You want more power? There's only one way to go next. 


Read my Special Series on the V3 headers. 

You want more sound? 

Head this way


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