The good, the bad, the ugly and fitment mistakes.

The good, the bad, the ugly and fitment mistakes.

"This Special Series covers the BBS CHR 20" wheels, its refinishing process along with the long, pain staking, yet rewarding process of getting the 20" BBS CHRs to fit proper.

In this journal entry, I try hitting my target: clearance, fitment, comfort. What I got is a shameful fitment thanks to FedEx & the Canadian Border Agency."
- Matt

The Temporary fit. 

I was to run a PSS 265-40-20 and 285-35-20 to keep the Genuine OEM sidewall ratio. It would raise the car by 1.31 inches at the front and about 1 inch at the rear.

I would lower it afterwards with the Bilstein B16 Damptronics that should have been here by now. Unfortunately, the Canadian Border Agency had other plans for the PapiExpress. 

I was able to fit the 285-35-20 on the 10.5 rear wheels with BBS' 5mm spacer. It's just as I intended. 

Meaty, fitted - with no rubbing at this height.

The front was a different story. The 265-40 would hit the perch even with the 10mm spacer.  I had to make due with a Continental ExtremeContact 265-30-20 that I had laying around.

That was a ridiculous 2 inches smaller sidewall than planned. 

From bad to worse. 

I knew from experience the height difference was going to cause problems. The MSS65 thinks the front wheels are going way faster than the front; it wrecks havoc on its computations.

The car won't drive with Traction Control on, the SMG doesn't understand what's going on. 

TC off & S6 it was, at all times. 

This is all temporary - but as with anything I do, I share the good, the bad and the ugly.

This is ugly.

Up next: can I make this fitment work?

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