I can see, I can seee it!

I can see, I can seee it!

"In this special series about the OEM+ CSL front end, I document the logistics, unboxing impressions, fitment attempts and review of the final fitment & required hardware.

In this journal entry, I do my first partial test fit of the CSL bumper and give a few installation tips."


Initial Reactions from the pros & I. 

It's all straight, gaps are tight, fender alignment is on point, bumper to fender tips are sharp and the grill tabs are OEM fitment. *No carrier on this yet.

I've also had it reviewed by my friends at Exclusiv Automotiv, my body shop of choice. They commented this might be the best fitting aftermarket bumper they've ever seen yet. 

Big praises - let's further validate. 

The Carrier Equation. 

My PY MY02 came with the Kevlar carrier as shown below, sitting on my engine. 

It doesn't fit. 


Awaiting parts. 

I'll need to switch over to the early build shock absorbers. I researched and already ordered these parts along with a few bolts and other hardware parts. 

Off to the dealership to pick up an order, and order some more parts. I'll revisit this with the tally. 

    I will be running the ABS snorkel from Haimus Racing and want a clean, complete OEM like installation. I will compile the required and recommended hardware in the journal entry on final fitment. 

    The Washer Fluid Dilemma.

    From my research and feedback from previous OEM CSL owners: the washer fluid is different on the CSL and requires an updated, smaller version to fit a 1:1 CSL replica.

    I'm still weighing my options: I can relocate the washer reservoir to the SMG reservoir location in the engine bay, or retain the OEM location and fit a smaller reservoir. 

    I'm also definitely planning on deleting and shaving off the needless headlight washers later this Summer during body work. 

    Widened Fender Fitment.

    P.S.: if you caught my stories, don't expect the widened fenders to be fitted this week.

    The Hex head of each bolt got threaded.

    Old car things - but I rejoice about how easy the E46 M3 is to DIY over the E92 and E60.

    Front Bumper Removal Notes.

    5 minutes and that bumper was off.


    All you need to do are to remove 2x 8mm bolts in the fender liners and a few bolts underneath the bumper. 

    Start pulling firmly - but not too much. 

    You will need to remove the wiper fluid lines that are clipped onto the top of the OEM bumper and the 2x plugs for the fog lights. 

    Carrier Removal Notes. 

    The bumper carrier takes a bit more time to remove. You have 3x bolts per side that can be seen through holes and 2x others per side that bolt the aluminum bonded plate to the frame rails. 

    You'll need an extension. I believe they are 11mm and 13mm. You do not need to remove the headlights!

    "Up next: I complete final fitment of the CSL bumper and fenders, and give my impressions before it's off to paint for the Winter."
    - Matt

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