The interior consternation.

The interior consternation.

"In this Special Series, I document my complete interior restoration along with some upgrades to CSL specifications. 

On this first entry, I tear off the bandaid and showcase the decaying state of The Phoenix's interior."

Out of "storage"

Technically, I stored the car at the paint shop this Winter. 

At the paint shop meant its snow bank really. I did this knowing very well Spring 2022 would bring back the start of a complete restoration project. 

I wasn't too bothered. 

Spring did its thing and melted away the snow bank.

It's a vintage experience

Driving this car again immediately made me smile.

I nearly lost it coming off the highway: fun times. China made 255 tires, freezing rain and a VF420 will do that.

The light steering wheel, the noises, the clunks, the straight 6, the ancient design language, the notchy manual transmission, the door & trunk closing noises.

[...] for wrong kinds of reason with the interior's condition. 

I'll skip how I feel. Have a look for yourself. 

The silver trims' paint is lifting.

The windshield mirror is leaking. 

A & C pillars have peeled.

All the black plastic on the center ashtrays and console are scratched. The driver side window switch is loose and the pedals are worn. 

The steering wheel's leather is past redemption. 


Worst of all, the OEM M-Texture seats were reupholstered.

Up next: we chat about plans for seats and the only choice to upgrade: Reutter-Carosserie. 

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