The CSL airbox hardware checklist

The CSL airbox hardware checklist

"In this Special Series, I document my CSL airbox experiences. I take you into my unboxing of my various airboxes, the hardware checklist, the tuning dilemma, installation notes and my driving impressions with proper sound clips.

In this entry: when in doubt, use a checklist. The complete required and optional CSL airbox hardware list."
- Matt

It isn't a simple list. 

CSL airboxes are one of the must-have modifications to enhance the driving experience on an S54 equipped M3, yet the knowledge around the parts list and options needed is scattered. There are many little things dependent on model year, and transmission type. 

My car is a 2003 6-speed. 

This list is built using genuine OEM parts and packaged aftermarket parts. 

    1. Genuine CSL Air Filter (SKU 13727838625)
    2. CSL Crankcase Vent Hose (SKU 11157833649)
    3. CSL Air Shut Off Valve (SKU 11617833647)
    4. Genuine Air Boot Clamps (SKU 11617830306)
      1. Aftermarket worm gear clamps are available. 
    5. Genuine Throttle Body Clamps (SKU 11617831745)
      1. These may be reusable from your current intake. 
    6. TurnerMotorsport IAT Relocation Kit (SKU 004646LA01)
    7. Genuine Intake Temperature Sensor (SKU 13621739510)
      1. OEM replacement brands are available for less.
    8. Pre-2004 S54 intake boots (SKU 11612466477)
      1. Aftermarket parts are available. 

The IAT relocation kit and IAT sensor.

The CSL Air Shut Off Valve.

Pre-2004 Intake Boots.

If you have an SMG equipped S54. 

  1. CSL SMG Expansion Tank Bracket (SKU 41147896136)
  2. CSL SMG Expansion Tank Reservoir (SKU 21532282549)

Optional CSL Dip Stick

The CSL airbox installation will require the relocation of the OEM dipstick by modifying its bend or the optional use of the OEM CSL dipstick (SKU 11437834784) and CSL Guide tube (SKU 11437833653) 

Up next: we finally install the airbox.

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