The Supersprint replacement process & Sport upgrade.

The Supersprint replacement process & Sport upgrade.

"This journal entry is part of a Special Series on improving the heavy, restricted and weird sounding E46 M3 stock exhaust system with Supersprint's 63.5mm performance exhaust. 

This follows up on my chat on italians, and my experience receiving a dented street rear section. 

I hope the following gives clarity on what to expect if things are to go wrong."
- Matt

The packaging was improved. 

The 1st batch of the 2022 Spring Supersprint group buy was delivered in September. Out of 40x orders, 4x members experienced shipping damages. This is excluding my dented Street rear section. 

Supersprint could fix packaging but couldn't fix UPS. They still didn't care and dropped the box on the porch standing up. This time, it didn't matter. 

The box was oversized which allowed for proper filling of packaging material. Both ends had fitted blocks of foam that protected the sides and brackets. The muffler body was wrapped in 4 to 5 layers of bubble wrap.

The tips had more wrapping, in addition to the fiddle Supersprint original plastic & small cardboard boxes over the tips. 

The package was filled with packaging peanuts. I hate these as they get messy - but better to have them over nothing. 


I'm happy to report my rear section came in undamaged - the tips are pristine and there are no visible dents to the muffler body.

An opportunity to upgrade.

After the 1st batch was fully delivered, I had the opportunity to immediately replace my Street rear section considering the dented tips and muffler body. 

I initially spec'ed the Street rear section with the goal of getting maximum performance gains from my exhaust upgrade, with limited increase in decibels to let the CSL airbox lead the orchestra. 

Having driven for over a month with this airbox & exhaust combination. I feel there's room for a bit more exhaust noise. 

Sport v Street

I opted for the Sport Gen2 (SKU: 049326) version for a few reasons. 

  1. The slightly deeper and louder exhaust note over the Street. 
  2. The single wall, polished tips over the double walled, chromed tips of the Street. 
  3. The lighter weight. 
  4. I wanted to fit the exhaust to document the CSL airbox x Sport exhaust combination before Winter sets in. 
  5. I felt an obligation to document the replacement process before the 2nd is delivered. 

All of this combines to give a sportier look to the rear end. Having recently fitted my 1:1 CSL carbon diffuser, space was tight with the double walled tips and chromed look out of place. 

Supersprint also uses a variant of its laser engraved logo. It's more obvious to the eyes, which I like!

The slanted, staggered tip angle combined with the single wall looks great. I'm excited to see it mounted next week. 


Up next: it gets fitted. 

I'll give my impressions on the new sound spectrum & potential change in overlap with the CSL airbox & the complete Supersprint Sport exhaust system.


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