Wider & lighter with style.

Wider & lighter with style.

"In this special series about the OEM+ CSL front end, I document the logistics, unboxing impressions, fitment attempts and review of the final fitment & required hardware.

In this journal entry, I give a backstory on how I managed to establish new logistic routes and I cover my unboxing impressions of the OEM+ widened carbon fenders."


In January 2022, I started chatting about the 10mm Widened Carbon Fenders and CSL Carbon Bumper from Alsatek.

I ordered a complete bumper & fender kit from Sascha and went to the drawing board to come up with a new solution to organize logistics. 

I was initially quoted 1,400$ via commercial air freight + duties & brokerages fees.

I knew full well that getting my hands on these products without a solution to bring them to North America at reasonable cost would serve little purpose to the EuroConnex community. 

The DHL Connexion.

I found a way to package and ship these individually via DHL from Germany: total shipping was 600$ US for the 3x parts. 

It worked, it was cheap, it wasn't exactly fast at 5-6 weeks. 

I had to pay about 60$ worth of duty fees to Canada.

This will be very useful for the upcoming pre-order and deliveries worldwide at a reasonable cost. 

They are finally here (nearly!). 

The first fender came in today in perfect condition with no sign of damage to the packaging.

The other fender and CSL bumper should be here this week as well.

Unboxing impressions. 

We won't know precisely how good these are until this is fitted to the car next week - however I feel comfortable speaking on the craftsmanship and carbon quality.

Mold designed and made from an OEM fender. 

The fenders were created from a negative mold of the Genuine Fenders and modified for a 10mm larger width.

All mounting points are here. 

The tabs, brackets and holes are all there and sturdy. None were damaged during shipping.

Pre-preg & autoclave carbon

The carbon process used is pre-preg & autoclave - the highest quality and what I prioritize on all carbon parts I want on my cars.

The carbon work is well done. Usually manufacturers skimp on the backside. They didn't here.

Primer'ed gel coat. 

The fenders come primered in a thick gel coat. I unboxed these at the body shop and the crew was impressed at the quality and felt this would be easy to fit and spray rapidly.


"Up next: I unbox the CSL carbon bumper."
- Matt

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