A game of milimeters.

A game of milimeters.

"This entry is part of my Interior Program for The Stripper. I seek to create my own blueprint to a GTS interior, with a bit more flare.

In this entry, a few simple tricks were all that was needed to complete the final fitment of pre-preg carbon center console from René."
- Matt 

The adjustments. 

In the previous entry, I documented my unboxing impressions, installation notes along with preliminary DIY test fitment notes and adjustments needed. 

I brought the center console to David at RCVR to help in getting the console adjusted. 

Gluing the cubby holder. 

The cubby holder had unglued during transport from UPS. It had been epoxy'ed by René in Germany after the clear coat process.

You can see the epoxy residue. We expected having to remove it, but we ended up not having to. 

BMW doesn't originally use epoxy. They instead used plastic welds. Those are unfortunately one time use and need to be broken off to perform the carbon process and clear coating. 

You can see the plastic tabs that are welded to the console frame. This is unique to the single hump cars. The iDrive controller is clipped it 

Instead of using epoxy, David opted for a simpler solution: Krazy Glue. We applied some to the inner section of the bezel and let it dry for 30 minutes.  

The simplest fixes are often the best solutions. 

Trimming the ashtray cover. 

René uses OEM leather center consoles: he needs to remove the leather first before lightly sanding down the original units to perform the carbon process. 

The process ended up adding slightly too much carbon on the inner, bottom section of the cover. 

The original cover is on the right: you can see the corners are slimmer than the carbon version. We trimmed it down using a hook. 

For future production of center consoles, René will include the ashtray itself and he will fit the cover himself. 

Final fitment. 

We clipped the console back in along with connectors and the shift booth, and that was it! 

The gaps are proper. It's giving me ideas to do the lower console shell in alcantara. 

The ashtray cover ended up fitting snuggly. The matching optical weave direction is a nice touch, just like the OEM unit.

If I was to do it all over again, I would remove the chrome trim - it is purely aesthetic. 

The gaps between the main panel and the bezel are tight and it fits firmly pressing against it. 

The KrazyGlue worked out well. Thanks David!

The DriveLogic button fits better than OEM due to the lack of leather wrapped around the panel. No squeaks, no rubbing.

It did create a slight uneven gap that I could have fixed by adjusting the tabs of the button underneath.

I didn't bother once I sat down and realized you didn't notice it at all when in driving position. 

It wasn't a problem after all. It was actually a solution!

If I have one grip with this center console, it's the difference in shape in the outline of the trio of buttons. 

The original console is rounded off to fit the buttons outer section. René cut it straight. This will be improved on production units for standard orders. 

As the title of the entry suggest, this is a game of millimetres. My goal is to offer a true 1:1 replica. As such, René will be making these adjustments on all production units. 

Overall, I'm happy with the final aesthetics. The matte carbon work is aesthetically pleasing yet subtle enough. 


The E9x M3 center console is the most complex trim piece between my E46, E60 and E92.

It's a peculiar challenge that few companies take on: carbon trims aren't fun to do at all.

You can spec and commission a carbon center console year long here

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