Authentic V2 YFCM vs MFactory V3

Authentic V2 YFCM vs MFactory V3

"These build journal entries are part of a Special Series on the E9x M3 V2 carbon fiber driveshaft by YFCM Technologies

I cover the bizarre backstory to uncovering the manufacturer of the renowned and authentic V2 product, its comparaison with the counterfeit unit along with my installations tips and driving impressions. 

In this entry, I get my hands on the authentic E9x M3 V2 carbon fiber driveshaft by YFCM Technologies and compare to MFactory's V3 counterfeit unit."
- Matt

Differences in balancing. 

The V3 had excessive weights across the tube. 

3x glued on weights were used across the tube. 

A balancing weight on the middle of the tube. 


2x balancing weights by the CV flange, the heaviest section of the driveshaft. 

The V3 also had this riveted on weight by the flange. 

The V2 has no balancing weights. 

Differences in flange design. 

The V3's flange is a junior level project. 

The V3 as hand engraved serial numbers and basic CNC machining.

It's crude. 

The V3's carbon tube is too wide. It matches the outer diameter of the flange. 


Comparing the two. 


The V2's flange is a refined design. 

The V2 tube is sealed and locks within the transmission flange to eliminate ungluing failures.

The V2's flange is anodized, and further machined for weight reduction. 

The V3 and V2 share the same commercially available CV flanges.

Comparing the Carbon Tubes.

The V3 carbon tube has a wider diameter. 

The diameter increases risks of failure from “cut conditions” by hitting screws from the transmission tunnel during high load situations. 

The V2 tube is smaller in diameter.

The diameter delta reduces potential risks of failure.

The V3's tube is made from a lower quality carbon process.

The rolling & pasting method used is similar to golf club manufacturers. 

The V2 is winded from pre-preg carbon filaments.

The filaments are sourced from Toray Industries in Japan. 


Up next: the guys at InnovAuto complete the installation and I share our installation notes. 

There are a few key indicators to validate your installation before driving.

I will also suggest while you're in there maintenance: it never hurts. 

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