First or last, have fun.

First or last, have fun.

"In this Special Series, I document my experiences unboxing and installing MLT's CNC oil cap for M cars. It's a lightweight series in which we're reminded to just have fun no matter what our build goals are.

In this entry, I unbox the CNC oil cap and touch on the few little things that matters when picking one from a crowded field."
- Matt

Why not!

Engine dressing kits have never been at the top of my priorities for the Stripper's build for a few different reasons. 


Oil caps are inexpensive, impulse buy products that I don't really cater to for various reasons. The primary one is the race to the bottom these market usually are because of low technical barriers to entry. 

I've read too many negative stories about leaking CNC caps across groups related to companies offering 60$ CNC oil caps that obviously outsource their CNC work in China. 


I'm obviously resources limited: in this case, it's mostly time. Sourcing or developing anything takes time, and I don't have enough on my hands these days. I've opted to spend most of it focused on niche products.  

Buying impulse-type products shouldn't take much time either, and I purposely add friction to the process with registration forms and accounts.


I've never really been an engine bay dress-up guy either. It rains a lot here and I hate detailing engine bays. I find it hard to relate to "The Most Instagramable Mod Experience" type crowd because of it. 

The body colored OE+ S65 carbon plenum is all I could bear to keep clean. I swear, popping the hood at a C&C is not usual behaviour. 

Why Not?

Winston at MLT reached out in September about a new upcoming product he had developed and been testing on his V8 M3 - of course, it was a CNC'ed oil cap. With my Stripper build maybe wrapping up in 2024 but probably never, I said why not!

The planned upgrades are getting ever more complex and time intensive with powertrain work, carbon panels and chassis fine tuning, this happens to be a refreshingly light and easy "mod". 

I received the oil cap on October 26th and set out a challenge to have it photographed, fitted, video'ed and curated on EuroConnex along with the entries ready by the end of the day. 

The differentiators. 

At its core, the biggest differentiator is where it's made: in the US of A.

Let's start with the obvious: it's 100$ more expensive than comparable Chinese products. 

For some, it's a show stopper and I understand why. Still, I worked with Winston to offer a small discount to EuroConnex members year long on the curated listing here

The cap is designed to fit various BMW engines and replaces Genune BMW SKUS 11128655331 and 11121405452. It is machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy and optionally, 6AL-4V Grade 5 Titanium. 

I opted for the aluminum variant in black anodized finish to mimic the OEM aesthetics. There are various finish options you can choose from. 

Winston takes pride in designing highly functional designs. He made his name with what I believe to be the most effective M3 V8 skidplate on the market. The oil cap is no different, Winston paid attention to ergonomic design details.

The upper section is separate from the lower section by a ridge. It is aesthetically pleasing and helps keep your hands away from your probably dirty valve overs. 

The cap has rounded off, dull notches sized to easily fit an adult's fingers. 

The recessed center section allows you to fit in your thumb when locking the cap against the valve covers. 

MLT's locking system mimics the Genuine BMW two prong design. It also has a twisting mechanism to push the seal further against the valve covers.

The underside is fitted with a Genuine BMW rubber seal. 

Would it make it by the day's end? 

Up next: I slipped the cap in my pockets, grabbed the Sony A7 and headed to the parking lot. 

I'll compare to the OEM while in there. 

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