Game, set, match.

Game, set, match.

"These build journal entries are part of a short series on the development of the E9X M3 / E8x 1M M Performance style carbon mirror caps by Karbonius Composites

This specific journal entry covers my test fit of the prototype along with crowdfunding behind-the-scenes."
- Matt



That's really all there is to say! It fits proper, and looks great.

In keeping with OEM fashion, I went with 2x2 weave pattern to match M performance parts I had on the car back then. 

The carbon caps make the side profile much cleaner by blending in with the shadowline trims, tinted windows and gloss black fender trims. 

I find the carbon mirrors help perceptively lower the car by eliminating body colored parts at the horizontal edges of the car.  



Notes on installation. 

Removing the OEM caps is probably the most nerve racking part of this. They are made from ABS plastics. It likes heat. Make sure you work in a heated environment. 

Apply gentle pressure at the edges all around. 


Pull harder. 

Notes on fitment. 

The pre-preg carbon mirrors are fitted and held solely by the 4x 3D printed brackets discussed in the previous journal entry.  

Fitment has been OEM level for me, and most. A few members had issued with 3D brackets being slightly off positioned. This is a fabrication error and these units were warrantied by Karbonius. 

The crowdfunding: 50 in a flash. 

"Upon validation of the prototype, the crowdfunding was launched on EuroConnex to the E9X M3 community. 

It was limited to 50x backers. The limit was achieved in a few days!

Many things for supporting this!"
- Matt

BTS content. 

Caps fresh out of the mold, ready for clear coat, wet sand, and polish. 

The 1x1 OEM matching weave is clearly seen on the caps at the bottom of this picture. 

Caps on the shelf, after being polished. Air'ing out before packaging. 

Packing for a world tour :) 


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