It’s gotta be the shoes.

It’s gotta be the shoes.

It’s gotta be the shoes. 

Tunes are often branded like basketball shoes - as a simple fashion item worn by Superstars. 

Yet like basketball shoes, what actually makes them purposeful is their underlying technology born from years in research & development. 

When the Air Jordan One were introduced in 1985, they were immediately better than the Converses. 

When you cut through the enigma of Jordan brand, its success was in large part due to the major step up in foundational shoe technology: Max Air. 

This technology was developed by former aerospace engineer Marion Franklin Rudy, who introduced the Air innovation to Phil Knight at Nike in 1977.

Technology advancements aren’t born overnight. It takes years, intense dedication and most all: experience & knowledge. 

Even the best ever needed a master. 

Michael needed Phil. The S65 needed the MSS60. 

The BMW S65 engine is mastered by one of the most complex Engine Control Unit of its time: the Siemens MSS60. 

As an updated version of the MSS65 Engine Control Unit found in the S85 V10, it is claimed to be capable of more than 200 million calculations per second. 

Moore Law's was in full effect:  the MSS60 exponentially exceeded the S54’s ECU by a factor of 8x. 

It needed to be powerful. 

The MSS60 had to manage the S65’s 8x individual throttle bodies, ion current knock sensing, double-VANOS and numerous technical advancements found in BMW’s naturally aspirated, high revving motorsport engine capable of over 8,600 revolutions per minute when tuned. 

It was a technological tour de force of its era. 

BPM Sport: tuning on solid foundations

It is nothing new to BMW M owners to feel lost and at bay when it comes to flash tuning - quick searches will pull up forum argumentations filled with vitriol over which tune is the best tune. 

I cut through the maze and decided to create a Connex with Mike @ BPM Sport specifically due to Mike’s tuning philosophy, relentless dedication and his decade plus of experience building up to unmatched knowledge in the MSS60 engine control unit. 

Over the years, Mike has pioneered new flash tuning advancements for the S65 such as Servotronic, M-Drive retrofit and many other features. 

Mike was the sole tuner tasked to do the impossible: create a flash tune that would marry the S65 to the positive displacement roots type supercharger from Harrop used by Motorsport teams like Team Schirmer. 

MSS60 + BPM: More power, safer. 

BPM Sport’s tuning philosophy is one of a kind: Mike improves performance of your S65 while increasing its safety thresholds. 

This has been possible solely through Mike’s dedication and commitment to research & development with 100s of hours in dyno testing, data logging and endurance testing. 

Through careful remapping of the engine control software, various elements such as ignition timing, fuel delivery, VANOS position and part throttles are reworked to create performance gains. They also rework the torque calculations correctly to give consistent power. 

The latest version of BPM’s ECU flash has been thoroughly developed and gives an actual gain in performance rather than just a quoted figure. The result is a car that feels far sharper and pulls harder through the rev band.

Expected gains on Stage 2 are 30 to 40whp. 

P.S.: Don't ask about burble tunes. 

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