More speed, more aero is required.

More speed, more aero is required.

"These build journal entries are part of a Special Series covering BMW M's most popular wing designs.

Written in collaboration with Silvano at CarbonProduction GmbH, I take you into the historical development of these wings all the way to my unboxing impressions of the GTS, GT4 and M235/240i Racing wings.

In this journal entry, I unbox the M240i carbon wing and provided a detailed comparo with the OEM design."
- Matt

Silvano's M240iR Carbon Wing.  

Silvano designed the wing with a few revisions compared to BMW Motorsport's original design. 

The risers.

The wing board comes with the riser mounts pre-installed by Silvano at the CarboProduction.DE factory using titanium hardware to reduce weight. 

The mounts to which the risers are bolted to are themselves bolted to the wing board. 


The high mount risers is nearly a 1:1 design as it pertains to shape and adjustability. There is a slight CNC machining programming change on the cuts within the risers and to clear the bolts on the board. 

 The risers retain the adjustable bolt holes to adjust on the wing mount. 

This bolt location shows the least aggressive AOA setting. 

The carbon board. 

The wing board is made from pre-preg carbon fiber cured in autoclave. The same carbon manufacturing process as OEM. Silvano the lays the pre-preg carbon layers in a pattern that allows to create a seam under the front of the board. 

That seam is sealed with a rubber joint to improve durability of the wing and reduce cracking probabilities. 

Another small touch from Silvano is the use of black titanium hardware with a shaped washer. 

A small, but nice detail. 


The end plates. 

Silvano offers the option to fit the board with 240i or the previous generation 235i end plates. 

The 240i design is massive, and would suit an F8x M car well. 

I like the 235i end plates better, they are sleeker, simpler. 

The 235i also featured the AoA adjustability present on the 240i end plates. 


The OEM EVO wing comes with end plates in a black painted finish. Silvano's end plates are naked carbon. 

It gives you the option to have them painted if you seek to mimic the OEM EVO design or customized to match body colors. 



Finish Options

The OEM EVO wing was purely available in Gloss clear coated finish. 

Silvano offers a few options: 

  1. Raw carbon fiber (as pictured on my photoshoot)
    This is straight out of the mold and is the lower end of finish quality. You can see the slight finish imperfections in the gel coat and an orange peel appearance. 

  2. Gloss Clear Coat
    Just like OEM. The finish quality is superior to raw carbon as the clear coat is wet sanded and polished to remove imperfections and achieve a mirror finish. 

  3. Matte Clear Coat
    The aftermarket thing! Less chemical resistant than gloss, matte sure looks amazing and remains a 2 component hardened clear coat. 

You can see the orange peel and lower gloss level above. The top of the board has more careful attention to the gel coating process. 

I sold the wing to a member of EuroConnex. He wanted it clear coated. I will update this entry with the final aesthetics. 

No specific trunk or reinforcement plates. 

The wing is deemed as universal. Silvano does not offer reinforcement plates specific to any chassis for it. 

If you will fit this to an F8X / F2X car, you can use BMW's genuine reinforcement plates for the trunk from my understanding. 

For E9X, E46 or any other chassis, you would need to have reinforcement plates made by your local machine or body shop.   

The newer F series M cars are fast, and aero is an ever more important component of going fast, even for street cars.

You have to see it to better understand the BMW M evolution in aero.

I'm glad I did, but [...] I didn't end up using this wing for my E92. 

There's something about being period cover on aesthetics. 

Up next, I cover my unboxing impressions of the E9x era wings from Silvano. 

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