The final fitment.

The final fitment.

"These build journal entries are part of a Special Series on the crowdfunding, development and fitment experiments of the flowformed OE+ M359 wheels in 19x10 and 19x11. 

In this journal entry, I cover my final fitment, why I opted for this compromise along with a detailed table with final specs at the end."
- Matt

Usage change & whatever

I was running fitment experiments in parallel and I got caught with my pants down. The delays in getting parts delivered, along with the expected mechanical break downs put me in a bind. 

I ended up having to use the E92 M3 as a daily driver from April to September as the E60 M5 was stuck at the shop.

Tire wear became a consideration. 

Tire wear was a problem on the inner sections of all 4 tires due to a combination of self-inflicted damage, lack of time (urgh!) and the various fitment experiments I was trialing. 

In short: the car got aligned in Spring time without the correct front spring perches and it never got corrected after the height increase for daily use, spacers, and camber changes throughout the Summer. 

It inevitably led to premature tire wear that came to a halt as I inspected tires before a 3 hour drive. 

This inner wear was found on all 4x tires after about 12,000km. The culprit was excessive toe out at -0.26 on each sides at the rear.

The Final Fitment.

Back to the rack. 

The final fitment saw height slightly increased front and rear, front camber was retained, rear camber was toned down and toe was brought back within OEM specs. 

The ground to fender front and rear overall height has a delta of less than 1". 

The front is still aggressive with approximately -2.5 to 2.7 in camber.  

The rear fitment is where things got conservative. I needed some sense of longevity on the powered tires. 

The final specs table.

Wheels with Spacers


Ground to Fender

 Camber & Toe

19x10+12.5mm Michelin PS4S 265-30-19 24 7/8" -2.7
19x11+25mm Michelin PS4S 295-30-19 25 5/8" -1.7


This was genuinely fun. 

I'm happy with having found my balance between performance, looks and usability for my intentions.  

I hope you find value in my experiments and the transparent specs.

You can spec your flowformed wheels year long here.

Up next: we're taking the OEM+ M359 project to a new level: fully forged. 

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