The original.

The original.

"In this Special Series, I document the backstory, unboxing and driving impressions of the S65 OE+ Carbon Plenum and the bespoke painted carbon variant

In this entry, I document the backstory to the first ever group buy I organize for the M3 V8 and my unboxing impressions covering the technical features of the plenum."
- Matt

The backstory.

As a Canadian, I didn't feel like spending 5,000$ on a complete carbon plenum. I was mainly looking for the added induction sound, the motorsport carbon look and additional finish options that other OEM style carbon plenums didn't have.

I started working my supplier network in Europe to find rare parts for my personal E92 M3.

My unboxing impressions. 

My plenum was in the 2nd batch of the original Group Buy. I opted for the Export version with M Power stickers, Gloss clear coat finishing and OE screws top.

I received it from UPS air shipping in 4 days from Germany. Immediately upon unboxing the plenum, one thing was evident: this was a quality piece and mimic'ed what BMW M could have done. 

The OE+ signature.

The M Power stickers recall the CSL airbox of the S54 and earlier engine builds. The stickers are under the clear coat for a seamless finish.

I didn't find dust specs or pops in the clear. This has been wet sanded and polished, a quality touch.

The OEM plenum is a hard ABS plastic. Funny enough, the bolts are functionally pointless.

The original units from the group buy had the bolts incorporated as well. This was later eliminated in favour of a flat top lid. It's now standard.

The carbon lid flexes.

As I begun the installation and manipulated the plenum, I couldn't help but think the lid was flexible, and somewhat thin. 

I was a carbon fiber beginner back then. René introduced me to the concept of pre-preg & autoclaved carbon fiber: the highest level of carbon fiber construction quality. 

This will flex, but never crack. This thinner lid is how the induction sound reveals itself in all it's glory - but I didn't know it yet. 

The 2x2 weave is perfectly aligned. This weave pattern is ideal to maintain optical aesthetics on complex curvatures.

Up next: I quickly install it and go for a drive.

I document my driving impressions, write couple notes and record a video clip.

Does it sound any louder?
Is it worth it?

Let's find out. 

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