Twist and turn.

Twist and turn.

"In this Special Series, I document my experiences unboxing and installing MLT's CNC oil cap for M cars. It's a lightweight series in which we're reminded to just have fun no matter what our build goals are.

In this entry, It's done in 1-2-3. I remove the OE oil cap, inspect its underside, fit the new CNC variant and step back: nice."
- Matt


I removed the OE cap pronto, snapped a few pictures and laid it against the front ducts next to the MLT CNC cap. It was a good opportunity to compare the slight design differences with the OEM cap. 

Interestingly, the oil cap featured the CASTROL trademarks. Those were the days. 


The MLT design has a slightly smaller outside diameter to the OEM, and weights a little more. 

You can catch the wider diameter of the OEM cap on the picture below.

The cavity and plastic construction combination might be why some experience leakage. It was made in Austria though. 

I've not notice leaking around my cap, except when I grossly pour engine oil on road trips.

Evidently, my Genuine BMW magnesium valve covers are leaking. 


There's no considerable differences in fitting the cap: 1/4 turn clockwise and the two prongs will slightly depress to push the rubber seal agains the valve covers.  

Alright, nice - I couldn't tell much difference visually, which is what I personally wanted. 

Hold up, the logo was misaligned - mmm. 

Ah - AH! There was a slight material difference in fitting this cap. The two prong system has a wider rotation angle to allow you to align the MLT logo how you see fit. 

Bam - I got perpendicular with the engine and my OCD was satisfied. 

Note on heat. 

I picked the aluminum cap because I irrationally dread anything threaded and titanium. Aluminum is a much better thermal conductor than titanium. It means I will probably burn my hand once or twice when adding oil. 

It'll remind me to put on gloves and try to keep the engine bay clean - or be patient. 

I filmed and edited here a reel on the install here


I had no need to fit this cap: I had no leakage and the OEM cap aesthetics were fine to me. 

Still, I got a dopamine rush and that's what these impulse-buy products are for.

I sleep well knowing I'm supporting a US manufactured product and a fellow M3 V8 enthusiast. You can spec your CNC cap for your M engine here


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