We were patient.

We were patient.

"These build journal entries are part of a Special Series on the crowdfunding, development and fitment experiments of the flowformed OE+ M359 wheels in 19x10 and 19x11. 

In this entry: the first set is finally here. I document my unboxing impressions and review the specs and features of the wheels."
- Matt

This was COVID. 

Back in Spring '21, I crowdfunded the development of the new flowformed wheels via EuroConnex. 20 members backed the project and it got into production by March. 

The wheels were initially planned to be delivered by June, it ultimately got pushed back to October due to the bottleneck in logistics that skyrocketed sea freight expenses. 


The wheels arrived late October 2021. The packaging was well done, with 2x layers of cardboard, a large plastic bag and a smaller netting covering the face of the wheels. 

My specs. 

The OE+ M359 flowformed wheel program has some customization possibilities between fitment and finishes. 


I opted for the staggered 19x10+25 and 19x11+25 wheel fitment. Optionally, members could pick the 19x10+25 squared fitment and run a spacer at the rear.

You can feel these weighted very similar to the OEM low pressure cast wheels in 19x9 and 19x10. 

The wheels come delivered with AG's center cap, but without any AG stickers on the embossed section for the M sticker.  

You can see the ribbing on the barrels: it's a design feature derived from the flow forming process on the barrel.  


I opted for the default Hypersilver finish. Unlike other wheels from AG, these are only available in Hypersilver from the factory. 

The finish was aesthetically great, and was a very close match to the OEM finish.

The finish is pearlescent, with a slight hue change depending on lightning. 


I opted for Michelin PS4S in 265/30/19 and 295/30/19. My initial plan was to run the 275/30/19 fitment at the front to have a rolling diameter closer to stock and a bit more compact patch. Unfortunately, COVID's supply chain issues had the 275 on backorder all over North America. 

Coming from a set of Contis, this was a definite upgrade in grip, and durability. 

The 295s fit squarely onto the 11s. Running the 285/30 fitment from the original GTS would provide a slight stretch. 

The front 265/30 had a slight stretch to them, it was very similar to the OEM rear wheel fitment with 265/35/10. I liked the aesthetics. 

Auxiliary accessories. 

Along with the 1:1 design and very-close-to-match Hypersilver finish, what makes these wheels OE+ is their ability to fit with Genuine BMW auxiliary accessories. 

I shoddily installed the Genuine BMW M-stickers (SKU: 36112228660). Do not bother with replicas, you will be disappointed. 

I fitted the Genuine BMW floating center caps (SKU: 36122455269). It's a geeky, sleek touch. 

The wheels are hubcentric, and fitted with the OEM conical seat bolts (SKU: 36136781150).

I was able to quickly test fit them during the Fall '21. I wouldn't be able to properly dial it in until the '22 season.

I was satisfied with the overall quality out of the box of the wheels. 

Up next: I spend the 22' season dialling in the fitment, playing with spacers, ride height and alignment settings to find the ideal compromise for my use. 

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