Bespoke M359 Style Forged Wheel

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Machined to any specs.

I will help you pick the right wheel specs to match your target fitment.

A new paint level.

The signature Hypersilver finish will be leveled up with proprietary paint formulations for improved durability.

[...] and they will fit with OE hardware.

OE bolts, center caps, TPMS, valve caps and M stickers will all fit.
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Bespoke M359 Style Forged Wheels
Bespoke M359 Style Forged Wheels
Bespoke M359 Style Forged Wheels

Bespoke M359 Style Forged Wheels

Preliminary Specs:

  • Monoblock 8000 ton forged blanks
  • Load rating optimization for lightness or strenght
    • Lighter than OEM: 670kg load rating
    • Stronger than OEM: 800kg load rating
  • Back pad weight optimization is standard
  • Weights:
    • 670 kg load rating: 22.xx lbs / 10.xx kg
    • 800 kg load rating: 24.xx lbs / 11.xx kg
  • Concave profile 
    • Customizable range of offsets:
      • The range is determined by the selected width and profile.
    • Standard powdercoated finishes.
      • Powder based clear coat for improved durability
    • Brushed and tinted finishes
      • Powder based clear coat for improved durability
    • Bespoke Hypersilver liquid paint.
      • In-house re-creation of the original Hypersilver
      • Liquid automotive paint and clear coat
    • Compatible with OEM hardware:
      • Conic bolts
      • 68mm Center caps
      • Stickers
      • TPMS
      • Hubcentric 72.56 bore
    • JWL specifications:
      • Impact & bending fatigue tests
      • TUV certification is optional for fixed fitments

    Recommended hardware

    - Genuine BMW floating center caps (SKU 36122455269)
    - Genuine BMW 12x1.5x26mm wheel bolts (SKU: 36136781150)
    - Genuine BMW M wheel sticker (SKU: 36112228660)

    Member cars with OE+ flowformed M359s
    Pictures shown were with the previous flow formed version.
    Build Journal: A special series
    The wheels BMW M should have built.

    With the release of the E92 M3 GTS, BMW M introduced what is arguably the greatest wheel design ever produced: the M359. 

    In 2021, I introduced the OE+ flowformed M359s in 19x10J and 19x11J. They are the best alternative to OEM wheels, and a lesser price tag to boot.

    Some needed more with less. They wanted wider and lighter. They've been wanting forged all along.

    This is it.

    - Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

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    Bespoke Forged Wheels
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    The Bespoke Forged Wheel Program offers re-creations of signature BMW M designs with improved technical specifications to enhance the driving experience and aesthetics of our M cars.

    We create wheels that are lighter, stronger, better fitting with a wide range of finish options tailored to your specific needs.