It deserves to live on.
The Generational Gap.

As a millennial, I grew up with the E92 and E60 as my M poster cars.

The E46 M3 was a faint signal on my radar: I understood the classic appeal yet it wasn't enough to trigger an emotional purchase.

Until it did.

After getting my hands dirty revamping the E92: I wanted a new restoration challenge.

This is it - and I might just be in over my head.

Welcome to my build journal.

- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

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The CSL'ification

Every entry documenting everything CSL.

The Body.

The paint & body restoration, with a twist.

The Interior Program.

Everything related my interior restoration and rejuvanation.

"Gone in 60 days" from idea to product in hand.

The 1:1 CSL Carbon Diffuser.

The grunt work.

Covering the entire mechanical restoration and extensive upgrades.

The specs

My E46 M3 is a MY2003 produced for the Canadian market. It is finished in the signature Phoenix Yellow Metallic paint.

The car is optioned with the M-Texture Alcantara interior upholstery.

When combined with the paint color and 6spd manual transmission, it makes it 1 of 7 in the world.

Rare doesn't always mean valuable.

Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

My latest entries

On this entry, I splurged and got a self of a set of big cams - sort of. We look at what BMW did with the CSL, we sit down for a 101 lesson on cams with the Americans. We move onwards and go bigger: I unbox my Schrick cams
In this entry, it's time to bulletproof with the best of them. Paraphrasing the words of a master, I document the problems and solutions created by Beisan to solving the VANOS anxieties for good - and we get to work. 

On this first entry, I take a detour in the archives, make a few poor parallels with Marvel, headliners sag, we say to hell with family feuds, and we all owe a big thank you to Gordon Murray & Paul Rosche. 

In this entry, I go down the rabbit hole. The underbody gets dismounted and we get disappointed by BMW once more. We revise our plans, strip the underbody, put money where it matters and discuss durable coatings.

Lastly, in an inspired decision, I wink at the E46 M3’s past: I paid hommage.

In this entry, we get to painting the shell and parts. But first, let's cast light with color: as naturally aspirated M cars age and decay, some of us will eventually cross the intersections I do in this restoration.

I give you more insights into the paint process, how a paint shop makes or loses money - and where you should focus the budget!

The Phoenix's Journey
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