Fabric Selection
Choose from the highest quality BMW reproduction fabrics.

All fabrics available in the Bespoke Recaro Seat Program are imported directly from Europe.

They are reproductions of original BMW fabric styles and unique patterns that were most often available in special edition and concept BMW M cars.

All fabrics are treated for improved UV and chemical resistance.

M Fabrics


M Tech fabric is derived from the original E30 M3 EVO 3 cloth. It's available in original Tri-Color over Black, Anthracite or Grey cloth, and variants of Red, Purple, Green, Blue, all Black.


M-Rain fabric is derived from the original E36 M3. It's available in 2x main colors: Black and Grey.


M-Cross fabric is also derived from the original E36 M3. It's available in 2x main colors: Black and Grey (as pictured).


M-Hurricane appeared in the E34 M5 from 1989 to 1995. It's available in 2 main colors: Black (as pictured) and Grey.

Prototype reproduction


M Jahre is a unique reproduction of the original cloth fabric found in the M8 Prototype. The tri-color M logo appears throughout repeated standard grey logos.

original reproduction
The M-Texture exception.

Offered exclusively in the E39 M5 and E46 M3, M-Texture is arguably the most distinguishable, intricate fabric BMW M has ever manufactured.

It's made from a printed cloth layer with a unique tri-color dotted pattern with red, blue and purple colors. The top perforated Alcantara layer is glued to create a seamless fabric.

After comparing 3x sources of reproduction to my original M-Texture interior, I can attest that M-Texture reproductions are not made equal.

I have since been able to source the most accurate reproduction in Europe, as pictured on the right.

More cloth options.

Various plaid and standard cloths are also available.

Special edition cloths.

Pepita styles are an option.

Standard cloths.

Black cloth is available.

Plaid fabrics.

The signature "tartan" style are available in various color combinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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bespoke recaro seats
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Our intention was to offer an OEM level re-creation of the discontinued BMW Performance seats down to the most minute details.

Every single stitches, the unique foam, the custom paint and embroidery along with the electronics integrated into the OEM seats were dissected.