Leather Selection
Choose from a wide selection of premium Italian & German leather.

We have researched, documented and tested various leather suppliers, to ultimately select those who match the original BMW full grain and top grain leather used across M cars.

Dakota, Nappa and Merino are available in a wide spectrum of color, including the signature M tones.

All leather materials available in the Bespoke Recaro Seat Program are exclusively natural, and sourced from Italy and Germany.

BMW M leather types


Considered as the highest quality leather available from BMW M, Merino is most known for its appearances in BMW M5, M6 and the latest BMW M8.

It's an extremely soft, plush leather sourced from cow hides. It requires more care than most leathers.


Nappa is a top grain leather with a light top coat widely used in BMW M cars and luxury BMW AG offerings.

It's a quality leather sourced from cow hides, with a light top coat to reduce maintenance and care requirements.


Widely used across BMW AG and BMW M cars, Dakota is a genuine leather sourced from cow hides.

It is heavily corrected and sanded leather, with more visible texture than Nappa and Merino. Due to its heavy use of top coats, it has light maintenance requirements.

leather color variants

Any BMW M color is possible.

Fox Red? Cinnamon? Kiwi? Silverstone Grey? Dove Grey? Anything is possible.

Using original samples from BMW, we work with European leather suppliers to create custom dyes that matches the original color.

Our choice
Vinyl, artificial leather is never used.

Commonly used across Recaro base upholsteries, artificial/vinyl leather is mostly a cost based decision.

Natural leather is functionally better than synthetic leather.

The skin's pores allow the material to stay pliable over time, whereas synthetic leather will wear, and unfortunately cannot be repaired. 

As part of the Bespoke Recaro Seat Program, we exclusively use natural leather.

All leather covered surfaces are steamed and stretched before delivery.
The process removes visible wrinkles from the leather.

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Bespoke Recaro Seats
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Our intention was to offer an OEM level re-creation of the discontinued BMW Performance seats down to the most minute details.

Every single stitches, the unique foam, the custom paint and embroidery along with the electronics integrated into the OEM seats were dissected.