MY2012 E92 M3 ZCP
A weird spec.

My E92 M3 is a MY2012 produced for the Canadian market.

While often mistaken for a Lime Rock Park edition, it's a spec combination that was exclusively available in Canada.

Individual Fire Orange.

No, it isn't a LimeRock, but it is Genuine BMW.

Single hump.

Commonly called the "Civic M3". Back in the days we'd laugh at these, today it's valuable. I still had Premium Audio and Comfort Access. PDC and sunshades were fortunately not spec'ed.

Speed Cloth seats.

In Canada, these were only available with partial electric functions. Tilt and forward/backward - there were no bolster or lower back adjustments.

ZCP, but without M Drive.

I had to retrofit M Drive to get MDM, Sport Plus throttle and the stiffened rack.

It had all gloss black trims.

Those were pre-spec'ed by the original dealer: the turn signals and grills were gloss black.

Coming from Porsche 987.2 ownership, I missed the savageness of the S65 and it’s all around’er nature, ever since I first drove and bought one in 2012. 

It is peak BMW M powertrain development: a one off engine derived from the legendary S85 paired with a crystal sharp MDCT transmission.

PDK wasn't a thing just yet.

My lust for another M3 was different this time around: I wanted a future classic.

It had to be a Skittles car; Santorini Blue, Japan Red or Fire Orange. 

I found my forever car.

Matt / @m3_epoustouflant
The origins stories.

I bought this M3 cross-country, sight unseen and went on a 5,000km road trip through Canada.

Hear it.