Stampings and embroideries Selection
Unique branding techniques and styles that set your seats apart.

Considered as a minute detail to most, we believe careful attention to the type and style of branding will distinguish the final aesthetics of your seat.

We have refined techniques and curated various options for you to select the final touches to your bespoke seats.

We exclusively use premium techniques, and do not offer ink based brandings as seen on standard Recaro upholsteries.

Branding types.
Choose from 3x techniques to customize the branding on your bespoke seats.

Embossings are rarely seen on custom seats due to the technical challenges it presents, namely on Alcantara materials.

We have perfected techniques and customized equipments to create a subtle 3D branding that sets your bespoke seats apart.


Debossing is most often seen on custom seats due to its simpler, more accessible technique.

It uses the same dies as for embossings, offering the same branding options.


Embroideries are the most common branding type used by original seat manufacturers.

They are commonly used by Recaro on their premium leather upholsteries, and was used on the original BMW Performance seats.

custom machined dies

Choose your branding style.

We have machined RECARO and BMW Performance dies in sizes matching all variants used on standard seats to perform the embossing / debossing process.

The BMW Performance stampings are exclusively available on the re-recreation of the original seat.

Debossing options
Gold or silver leaf.

As a unique option to the embossing branding type, we are able to apply gold or silver leak in the created channels.

The process involves high temperature transfer, created a durable adhesion.

This option is available on all leather and Alcantara materials.

Embroideries can be customized with colored threads.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Bespoke Recaro Seats
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Our intention was to offer an OEM level re-creation of the discontinued BMW Performance seats down to the most minute details.

Every single stitches, the unique foam, the custom paint and embroidery along with the electronics integrated into the OEM seats were dissected.