Carbon Standard Center Console
Carbon Standard Center Console
Carbon Standard Center Console
Carbon Standard Center Console
Carbon Standard Center Console
Carbon Standard Center Console
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Carbon Standard Center Console

  • Factory Direct Process
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Comfort or no comfort?

CSL carbon fiber center console replicas are readily available on the market, yet these sacrifice some creature comforts.

Father time is undefeated and old joints need some support - or you need the storage space, but we still want the carbon fiber look. 

Whichever it is, there might be a solution. 

As I've been collaborating with René to extend the E46 M3 catalog, I'm looking to offer an alternative to CSL center consoles that is more user friendly. 

Made from new Genuine BMW core with Factory Matching CSL 1x1

René hand manufactures these kits using brand new, Genuine BMW center consoles from BMW in Germany to ensure perfect fitment. No core exchanged is required. 

He uses the same manufacturing process as BMW M GmbH did on the CSL carbon fiber interior trim components: pre-preg & autoclaved overlays on the plastic OEM trims.

The pre-preg and autoclaved manufacturing process, commonly called dry carbon, allows for a very thin application of carbon fiber.

provides a much more consistant carbon fiber pattern. He pays close attention to the optical direction of the weave to match the OEM pattern.  

The center console on the pictures is a 1x1 weave with gloss clear. 


  • Made in Germany
  • Compatible with OEM armrest, cup holders, buttons and ebrake
  • Pre-Preg & Autoclaved Carbon Fiber Construction Process
  • Made using a Genuine BMW core. 
  • Available in 1x1 and 2x2 weave pattern
  • 1x1 is the exclusive CSL weave pattern as used by BMW M
  • Available in gloss and matte 2 component hardened clear coat

Installation Notes

Accessories are not included. You will re-use your current e-brake handle, booth, armrest, cup holders, hazard lights and sliding trays. 

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