My OCD is finally satisfied

My OCD is finally satisfied

Another little thing to check off the list for the Orange Stripper interior: take 2 on an Alcantara shift knob with a little extra touch.

I removed the DCT knob earlier in April, 
(don't be afraid to pull hard) with the boot

It's a simple process to unplug the connector as well.

I shipped it to a Connex member, Anthony, for a complete reupholstery with 9002 Alcantara with Black Stitching, and Gloss Black shift knob.

It's already Alcantara eh?

I bought the previous boot from another company under the impression it would replace all of the OEM leather.

It didn't.

I was told this was a clean look.


The knob's OEM silver coating is also wearing off a bit and it impacts my OCD.

A proper restoration with an OEM+ twist

Anthony is an enthusiast and mechanic; I'm excited to further my interior with him.

Anthony at DT Motorworks started offering this service a few months ago and we've been chatting about doing mine.

I sent my knob in and got it back within a week of it arriving in San Diego.

This is the end result.

The gloss black paint is on point: no nibs, dust particles or any specs - and no orange peel.

The Alcantara 9002 with black stitching matches my e-brake boot and MJunkee E9X M3 GTS armrest. The alcantara is well glued to the knob.

I've curated Anthony's upholstery & paint service under E9X M3 curated catalogs here

As a single-man operation, the curated listing will remain on a waiting list format. I will be offering pre-orders via Social Buys for this product to the waiting list members as priority. 

Another small piece to further our E9X M3 builds.

More applications are coming soon. 

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