The elephant in the room

The elephant in the room

Driving Impressions

I wanted to throughly test this over the last week and do various back country runs.

Let's get the elephant in the room out of the way.

There is absolutely no vibration or added NVH coming from the YFCM carbon driveshaft on my DCT S65.

Zip, zero.

Where the previous MFactory V3 vibrated the whole car like riding on a cobble road at 180 to 200 kph.

This is silky smooth.

There's something else too.

David (@ds_e92m3) mentioned in his initial MT review that the felt the car was slightly more responsive and felt "tighter" than equipped with MFactory's V3.

He was right.

Everything feels tighter, there's less play, no clunk.

It feels better and I can now trust the car & drivetrain once more to not rattle itself to pieces. The S65 feels bolted straight to the rear diff more than ever - the connected feel is incredibly precise and tactile.

What this comes down to in finite details is beyond my pay grade - there are many compounding engineering factors at play here that I detailed in previous posts.

I can summarize simply with this: the YFCM carbon driveshaft is a superior quality product.

I'm glad to say YFCM has delivered the initial 50x on time and even slightly faster than initial ETAs. DCT guys have it on hand and MT guys will starting by 4/20.

I trust M. Lee and have opened up the 2nd batch of another 50x E9X M3 carbon driveshaft units on @euro.connex and intent to make the product readily available. 

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