Close, but no cigar.

Close, but no cigar.

"This Special Series covers the BBS CHR 20" wheels, its refinishing process along with the long, pain staking, yet rewarding process of getting the 20" BBS CHRs to fit proper.

In this journal entry, I cover my 2nd go at my fitment trials and the quirks of fitting BBS wheels combined with the awkward E60 offset specifications."
- Matt

The waiting game. 

Back in June 2022, I experimented a unique tire fitment for the E60. I wanted to run meatier tires taken from the Nissan GTR.  By using a 255/40 and 285/35 on the 20" tires, I was keeping the OEM ratios stable but going up 1" in overall ride height. 

This made everything more complicated. My first attempt got no where close as the front tires wouldn't clear the OEM spring perches. We needed to wait on the Bilstein B16s to show up as they run a much leaner front strut & spring package. I documented this here

The fronts were O.K. 

The 255-40-20 tires cleared the B16 perches once they were fitted. They were still tucked, even when using the BBS provided 10mm spacers for the front. To get close to my E92 fitment was ultimately my goal. 

The rear got so close [...] but no cigar. 

The 285-30-20 rear tire & wheel looked great when mounted. The E60 remains a heavy car. Even with the B16s Damptronics, it squats noticeably on hard acceleration.

It would rub the inner fender by the rear doors under acceleration. The overall diameter was simply too much.  Luigi @ Exclusiv tried trimming the fenders and playing with negative camber & toe in. 

Nothing would do it. It was quickly becoming unrealistic with reasonable alignment specs and subtle body work. 

Ultimately, a few millimetres made it impossible to make it work within street friendly alignment specs.

It was so close. 


The tires overwhelmed the rear wheel arches by the rear doors. 

This could have been an ideal comfortable tire fitment with better ground clearance while keeping fitted aesthetics with proper tire to fender gaps. 

Alas, I can't drive what-ifs, I just want to drive. 

This car is supposed to be my daily driver. 

We gave up.

Up next: I move on my original plan by taking a step back.

Let's see what final specs it settles out to.   



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