Mmm Mmm *grins*

Mmm Mmm *grins*

"These build journal entries are part of a Special Series on my impressions of the S85 OEM+ Carbon Plenums by CarboProject

In this entry, I chat about my driving impressions of the S85 OEM+ Carbon Plenums, source Autobahn sound clips and give my final word."
- Matt

My V8 experience.

I sort of knew what to expect having run the equivalent carbon plenum on my S65 for the last year or so.

But a V10 just sounds different.

The V10 doesn't make the guttural & "rattly" induction sounds of the V8 in the 3,000 RPM range.

A lot of it has to do with the overall smooth nature of the V10 over the V8. It's better balance and the firing order smooths out vibrations and frequencies that generate more noises with the V8.

It starts making up for its smoothness above 4000. There is a noticeable increase in volume - it's flat out louder across the mid range all the way to redline. 

You control the volume with the throttle.

WOT gives you all the decibels, part throttle remains mild. The original M5 design philosophy is retained; the spectrum is simply enhanced.

With windows up, the plenums dampen my V3 catless headers and valved rear section with windows up.

If I want the signature V10 exhaust symphonies, I go into Lambo mode: the back seats get folded down and the windows are lowered. 

Sound clips. 

Life got in the way and I couldn't manage sound clips in time - but the Germans did. Here's a sound clip on the autobahn: it captures the essence of the sound increase at mid to high RPMs accurately. 


Installed Aesthetics.

The aesthetics of the naked matte carbon paired with the sealed carbon intakes is a striking contrast with the somewhat boring looking OEM intake.

Popping the hood makes for ever more interesting conversions in my fat Bronzer sedan :)


Final world: this is a solid product that's worth it's asking price.  

We have few options in the V10 world compared to M3 V8 owners - yet this is no sacrifice. René's design is proven, reliable, affordable and uncorks the V10 induction noises. 

Most importantly, the customization possibilities are nearly endless, allowing you to express your individuality in your final specs. 

This is curated year long for S85 owners. Slide in my DMs to help you spec your carbon plenums. 

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