The Papi Express

In this entry, I flex. I finally receive the new, enlarged CSL intakes and document my unboxing impressions.
In this entry, I made it! No frills, high quality in-car sound clips showcasing the entire spectrum of sound you should expect from the CSL carbon plenum. I added my notes further documenting the decibel and tone differences.

In a true echo to the V10 M5 ethos, this Build Journal entry has best reflected a 3 months cycle of lows and highs with my E60. 

I cover the initial tuning tests, the tuning dilemma of the OE+ variant of the plenum, my AlphaN realization and chat on MAF map compatibility. 

In this journal entry written in collaboration with Sal @ InfinityDesign, I document the technical differences of MAF, MAP and Alpha-N engine mapping. 

We discuss why the S85 was built for AlphaN, the mapping process and I end with my driving impressions drawing a comparaison with its younger brother: the M3 V8.

My goal: making the V10 CSL that never made it to production.

I lay down the objectives, blueprints and get to trials and errors.
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