Time to dial in the E60 chassis.

Time to dial in the E60 chassis.

It was about time. 

The Bilstein B16 Damptronics for the E60 M5 are here from Turner Motorsports. 

Thanks to Patrick and the gang for making it happen. These have been on backorder forever. 

I'll be fitting them on June 23rd at Exclusiv Automotive with my mech Luigi. 

EDC or bust. 

It was B16s or nothing for me on the E60 - EDC is a must on the M5. 

I'll put down my thoughts on why in the upcoming weeks. 

The Bilstein kit is the only coilover system designed to be plug & play with the Electronic Damper Control system of the E60 M5. 

You can see the wires connecting out of the rear strut above. They come out at the bottom on the front struts. 

Bilstein also provides the wiring to connect from the front wheel well to the engine bay. I will detail the wiring process during install. 

Fixing the BBS CHR & fat fitment. 

I previously discussed my fitment woes here.

In short: the increased overall height of my 20" fitment was not compatible with the OEM lower spring perches at the front even with the PFS 10mm spacer provided by BBS. 


We'll finally be able to fix the front tire fitment and go with the Michelin PSS 265/40/20.

A lot more meat as I'm using the stock Nissan GTR tire fitment with the 285-35-20 at the rear. 

I'm confident it'll clear the Bilstein spring collars as they are much smaller in diameter than the OEMs. 

I got Turner to overnight a set of 12.5mm spacers with extended bolts just in case.

The front fitment was still rather weak and tucked in. 

Dialling in fitment. 

I'm keeping stock top mounts for now, but will fit the Dinan sort-of-camber plates for it and their rear bar to get the rear tighter and more grip at the front. 

Excited to get the E60 fully dialed in and continue its evolution to CSL spec. 

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