A purposeful smirk

A purposeful smirk

"In this Special Series, I document my experiences with CSL carbon bumpers. 

In this entry, I unbox the 1:1 CSL carbon bumper replica and go into finer details about its design features."


The widened carbon fenders were smaller panels and thus individually packaged. The CSL carbon bumper was packaged in a much bigger box - evidently this carries more risks. 

Careful attention was put on bubble wrapping the edges of the bumper to a great degree, along with sticking the easily damaged splitters in a roll of bubble wrap, and paper to avoid any visual damages. It came in from Germany to Canada without a scratch. 

Let's chat about the design details and what makes this CSL bumper stand out from the pack. 

1:1 CSL Design Replica.

As with most replica products I seek to source and develop for the community, my focus is first and foremost of replicating the Genuine BMW designs 1:1 - for better or for worse. 

There are a few low quality CSL bumper replicas on the market that are known for poor fitment and laisser-aller in terms of design changes.

The CSL snorkel hole is often positioned wrong and has the wrong curvatures. It's an obvious design difference for anyone who's been too much time stalking every other CSL images on Instagram and Google. 

This CSL bumper matches the OEM snorkel 1:1. 

The bumper comes with 1:1 replica splitters made from pre-preg carbon. I picked the original 1x1 weave pattern finish on mine.

This CSL bumper fits with any 1:1 replica of the CSL splitters. This matters as they will get pitted, chipped and busted over time, and probably need to be replaced. It's been chatted about that BMW has changed suppliers on their splitters and fitment quality has gone down. 
Lower bumper grill brackets are OEM. It clips right in. No fuss. 

The bumper itself is made from vacuum infused carbon. This is actual 100% real carbon fiber - the weight proves it, coming in at 3.7 kg / 8.15 lbs. 

The CSL bumper mimics the OEM CSL bumper and features a pre-molded, integrated bumper carrier. I'll comment on how this is installed in upcoming journal entries. 

I got on all fours and I find more carbon - it's 100%!

The box-looking brackets are glued and a critical component to achieve proper panel gaps with the corner bumper brackets. 
The integrated carrier design of the original CSL meant a new fluid reservoir needed to be used. We'll explore options later on. 
The tow hook cover is not included. You re-use the Genuine BMW unit from your original bumper. 

Up next: I try to DIY test fit this shortly.

I'll leave it to the pros no matter what for final fitment. 

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