The little things compound.

The little things compound.

"These build journal entries are part of a Special Series on the development of the e9X M3 Custom AP Racing Big Brake Kits by HaimusRacing and written in collaboration with Antonio and his engineering team. 

This 2nd journal entry covers my unboxing and craftsmanship impressions on the HaimusRacing specific components of front axle kit."

The custom painted finish

What I consider a must have with brakes has nothing to do with the mechanics of brakes: it needs to look good. 

Many caliper designs are atrocious, and most manufacturers don't bother with custom finishes - instead looking to streamline production with most popular, cheaper finishes. 

HaimusRacing doesn't skimp on this step, and offers a truly custom experience for M owners.

I personally opted for a replica of the original M3 GTS design: gloss black with the traditional M logo. 

The logo is positioned under the clear coat for clean aesthetics. The paint work is immaculate: their team uses a high temperature paint with automotive 2 component, hardened clear coat. Any dust spec is wet sanded and polished.

The AP hardware is left untouched: the fluid hard line, the pins, the clips - they're all standard AP metal finishes. 

The rotor bells.

HaimusRacing designed and machined a rotor bell optimize for weight and functionality.

They spec'ed 202x T6 aluminum for the bells. It's material science verbiage to describe an aluminum grade that is approximately 30% stronger than the industry standard 606X semi-billet aluminum.

Haimus engraved their logos along with a few technical specifications across the bells. 

They machine the bells with extra openings for better cooling within the center of the rotor.

The bells feature openings for the OEM wheel bearing pins which are used to center the rotor before it is tightened. The tolerance used is 0.2mm to insure easy placing, but also no slack.

The Brackets.

The adapters are what integrates the caliper to the spindle. They are a crucial component in brake feel: extra weight here will change the feel. Haimus further optimized for performance through strenght and lightness by selecting 7075 T6 billet aluminum.

You can see how the adapters are mounted on the caliper below. 

This material allows for further machining with the objective of reducing weight as possible while keeping the strength extremely high. 

The custom brake lines

Antonio and his team used custom made high temperature braided brake lines with rubber adapters.

They are designed for the OEM brake line holder giving you a more consistent pedal pressure under hard use.

Up next: we chat on the AP Racing hardware selection of Antonio and his team.

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