Where it all started.

The E9X M3 is where my love for BMW M started for me, and where EuroConnex took roots.

It's 2nd, and last E9x M3: I intend to hold onto this one forever.

- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

The Stripper

In this journal entry, I provide my personal, subjective review on the kit. After a few months of driving, the braking performance undeniably feels better with surprising subjective benefits of the rear bias engineering.
In this journal entry, I explore Haimus' internal testing leading up to the Clubsport kit, dig out German archives covering tests of various E9x M3 BBK and Antonio provides insights on how they improved upon the concept of increasing rear bias on the E9X M3.
This specific journal entry laws down the fundamentals to brake bias, historical evolution of BMW M's ABS and take a more technical dive on it.
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