Fixing the DCT for good, with a GTS twist.

Fixing the DCT for good, with a GTS twist.

"These build journal entries are part of a Special Series on the DCT major service, updated GTS filling specifications and upgraded, oversized, DCT pans

This journal entry documents the installation process of the OE+ DCT GTS main oil pan and the peripheral services."
- Matt

Mission Critical Torque Specs.

Stop here, and go look up the torque specs of every bolt inside the DCT transmission and its pan. You don't want to be that guy and overtorqued and snap the head of a bolt.

The Side Filter Swap. 

The filter located on the side of the transmission filter is held with a C clip. you'll need the proper tools to get it out and to re-align it to the enclore once you replace that filter. 

The Main Suction Filter Swap. 

The main suction filter is behind the main oil pan. You remove to remove 2x screws to get it out, along with the pick up tube if memory services me right. 

Be mindful to not thread 'em. Swap and replace. 

The mechanic o-ring is easily removed by sliding out the connector. No need to undo the bolt if memory serves me right. 

First things first, get the original main plastic pan off the car. Start by draining the fluids out of the transmission, and proceed to unbolt the pan. I suggest letting the car cool down before proceeding. Hot fluids are hot. 

The main challenge is fitting the oil pick up tube extender - you want to quadruple check your fitment to the tube to ensure it won't unclip. 


Be mindful that you are fitting an aluminum extender to plastic fittings. Don't be too harsh. You should bolt the pick up tube back to the transmission directly. Here's how it should sit when it's all well and clipped in. 

I'm sure you've been wondering what the hell that black circle thingy is at the bottom of your OEM pan: it's a magnet!

Unscrew and transfer the magnet from the OEM main oil pan to your new main pan.

You apply gasket maker last, once you have quadruple checked all your torque specs. 

Be mindful of the instructions regarding application of Loctite 574 and its time to dry before it glues properly. You will need to time the torquing of your bolts within that timeframe. 

Up next: I document the GTS filling specifications, how to achieve it, and my recommendations on fluids.


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