Getting my life saved.

Getting my life saved.

My stripper’s maiden voyage : Getting my life saved! (Part 3)

Driving on 3 winter tires and an oversized 255 front right tire is no fun. I had spent the last 12 hours driving and fighting a left leaning steering. I hopped onto classifieds and found a set of 219M with winters in Winnipeg. Bought ‘em.

I was coming in hot, tired, pissed.

Kris saved my trip.

I met him at his house in the surburbs. He had just sold his M3. He helped put on his wheels and tires on his garage, chatted for abit about life and business, turning 30, the absurdity of purpose. I left my Summer tires with him, packed the winters in the back and say thank, good buy, and sorry eh!

Canadians are good blokes, the stories are true.

I had enough of Canada’s backyard and headed for Chicago from Manitoba, going through Dakota. I was still 23 hours from home. 

Smooth sailing from here on out, or so I thought.

Arriving at US customs, I had an uneasy feeling - one where you feel like you’re doing something wrong.

I then remembered I was driving a Fire Orange M3 with temporary plates from British Colombia through the US and pretending I was going back to Montreal - with forgotten boxes of wine in the back and some tires.

Yea - no, not so easily Matt. 

“Please get to the garage door no 1 over there”

You’ve heard the stories: were they about to strip down my brand new M3?

Anxiety kicked in. I was sitting in what was literally a prison cell with mirror’ed windows.

I felt criminal, was I?

30 minutes later, the customs agent came in smiling.

“Smuggling wine young man?”


A customs agent had just made a smuggling joke. *laughs ackwardly* He had found the wine boxes, I forgot to tell him.

I was on my way. No bribes involved I swear.

I was trying to make it to Minneapolis, I had driven 14 hours. Needless to say, I was dead tired.

I didn’t make it an hour and nearly fell asleep at the wheel and the improbable happens.

Speeding saved my life.

I got woken up at the wheel by a Police Trooper with his lights on. I was going 80 and falling asleep.

The State Trooper was incredibly understanding and escorted me to the nearest gas station where I napped.

Thank you - you saved my life.

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