Sourcing a quality GT4 wing is hard.

Sourcing a quality GT4 wing is hard.
"These build journal entries are part of a Special Series covering BMW M's most popular wing designs.

Written in collaboration with Silvano at CarbonProduction GmbH, I take you into the historical development of these wings all the way to my unboxing impressions of the GTS, GT4 and M235/240i Racing wings.

In this journal entry, I unboxing the MK2 GT4 wing and document its design features."
- Matt

A reliable source from Germany. 

True to specifications OEM replica GTS and GT4 MK2 wings are incredibly hard to find, and even more so at a price that makes sense. 

I've come across many E9x M3 rocking Alibaba-spec GTS wings. Up close, they are atrocious: the carbon quality is poor, the weave deformed and the hardware rusts. 

Having read nightmare stories about their wet carbon, fiberglass backed construction delaminating at speeds - it wasn't an option. 

It's a motorsport product. 

A wing is by definition a Motorsport product: it needs to endure the pressure of high wind speeds. 

I'm glad to have found Silvano and CarbonProduction GmbH from references I trust in Germany. Silvano is well known around the Nurburgring for making high quality motorsport components.

CarbonProduction.DE, a subcontractor and official supplier of carbon fiber components for AMG's GT3 & GT4 Motorsport programs. 

His MK2 GT4 wing

The wing got delivered in the Spring of 2021. It was packaged right. 

Pre-Preg, Autoclaved Carbon.

Pre-preg is chosen for its superior tensile strength to support the high forces of aerodynamics, and for its light weight properties. 


The wind board measures 140cm

The dimensions are true-to-OE-spec. 

It’s light and strong

The wing comes in at approximately 2.5kg.

[...] and the 2x2 weave is perfectly laid out.

The weave is laid properly, with no visual deformation. 

[...] with titanium hardware. 

Silvano includes titanium bolts and tapered washers finished in satin black. 

Weight optimized mounts. 

Silvano designed race pocketed wing mounts. Unnecessary weight was machined off. They are anodized in black. 

The mounts have the same overall dimensions as the OEM GTS mounts. They also fit with an OEM GTS wing!

Extended mounts.

The GT4 mounts raise the wing into less disturbed air pathways for superior aero. They extend the wing rearwards as well to improve downforce. The differences are evident. 

The mounts have adjustable Angle of Attack (AoA) They were machined to fit with the GT4 MK2 wing board.

[...] and come with titanium hardware. 

Silvano includes titanium bolts, caps and washers finished in satin black. 

Up next, I cover my plans for the trunk.

How it derailed.
How it came back together
[...] with a twist. 


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