My OCD is finally satisfied

My OCD is finally satisfied

"This single entry is part of my Interior Program for The Stripper. I seek to create my own blueprint to a GTS interior, with a bit more flare.

In this entry, I give my DCT knob a third life with Anthony's restoration and upgrade service.."
- Matt 

My previous experience. 

I bought the previous boot from another company under the impression it would replace all of the OEM leather.

It didn't.

I was told this was a clean look.


The knob's OEM silver coating is also wearing off.


Take 2 with extra sauce. 

Anthony is an enthusiast and mechanic; I'm excited to further my interior with him.

Anthony at DT Motorworks started offering this service a few months ago and we've been chatting about doing mine.

The process.

I removed the DCT knob earlier in April with the previously botched alcantara boot. 

I shipped it to a Connex member, Anthony, for a complete reupholstery with 9002 Alcantara with Black Stitching, and Gloss Black shift knob.

I sent my knob in and got it back within a week of it arriving in San Diego.


The final results.

The gloss black paint is on point: no nibs, dust particles or any specs - and no orange peel.

The Alcantara 9002 with black stitching matches my e-brake boot and MJunkee E9X M3 GTS armrest.

The alcantara is well glued to the knob.

Another little thing to check off the list for the Orange Stripper interior program.

I've curated Anthony's upholstery & paint service here

As a single-man operation, the curated listing will remain on a pre-order format. 

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