Throwback to 2020 Summer Preparation

Throwback to 2020 Summer Preparation

As we count down the next few weeks for northern hemisphere M3 owners, a look back to Spring preparation in April 2020. Following up on my Stripper's Maiden Voyage, my M3 had scars. 

The undertray had been trashed, I discovered the dealership had done a cheapo respray on the front bumper and it was flaking and whitening. As I attempted to fit spacers on the front wheels, I also discovered my 359M wheels had been replaced throughout ownership with replica 359M by AG wheels. 

I was pissed. 

BMW of Kelowna did nothing. They are a bunch of scums and BMW of Canada won't back you up. 

End rant. 


Car came out of storage and went straight to @exclusivautomotiv for a minor restoration and preventive maintenance. This was the start of my journey to creating my version of an OEM + GTS specifications using a Stripper spec Fire Orange ZCP in Canada. 

I started off by shaving the front bumper for the Euro style aesthetics along with a complete professional respray using R&M BASF base & clear coat: quality paint has a cost. 

My AG 359M replicas had less than OE paint quality. I decided to have them stripped down and powdercoated in Gloss Black. Looks better, and is easier to keep clean. I had to purchase new OEM M stickers; 80$ ouch. I also had the 219M winter set sprayed in Gloss Black - those didn't get stickers, ahem. 

I was able to add 12mm Match Schnell Competition Spacers to the rear wheels while fitting a 285 section rear tire in Continental Extreme SportContact specifications. It was now sitting in GTS specifications of 255 & 285 section tire combination. 

The car had just hit 50,000 miles; it was time for a complete flush and refresh of the powertrain: new oil & filter, new spark plugs, new engine mounts and new differential fluid. 

My old engine mounts were shot: the noticeable effects of worn engine mounts are incredibly obvious. The car would vibrate on engine start, it felt like a hot potato on S6 shifts and it would bounce around whenever I started off a red light on a hill climb. 

I spent years in paint & body shops in my 20s, along with detailing professionals. The second you integrate the knowledge of detailing in your BMW M enthusiasts' mind : it's the beginning of a never ending spiral. 

I was seeing swirls and orange peel everywhere. Jonathan at Exclusiv complete a full 4 stage paint correction. You don't want to know what it cost. 

The refresh was completed with a full front bumper and headlight paint protection film application to never have to bother with this respray ever again in the car's lifetime. 

I also threw on some OEM replica carbon fiber splitters - they lasted 2 weeks before I got tired of them and went for something else. 

bUt WhAt AbOuT rOd BeAriNgs aNd ThRoTtLe AcTuaTors : don't worry, it's coming on the next blog. 

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