Fitment Experiments.

Fitment Experiments.

"These build journal entries are part of a Special Series on the crowdfunding, development and fitment experiments of the flowformed OE+ M359 wheels in 19x10 and 19x11. 

In this journal entry, I cover my trial and errors: a year long process of experiments."
- Matt

The Initial Fitment.

Back in November 2021, I first fitted the OEM+ M359 19x10 and 19x11 to my E92 M3. We were in a rush to complete the Drivetrain & Suspension overhaul before Snow showed up as I had to test the craptastic MFactory V3 carbon driveshaft. 

I picked Michelin PS4S in 265-30-19 and 295-30-19. The 275-30-19 were backordered. We also fitted a used set of Bilstein B16 Damptronics assembled with brand new Turner Motorsport's Hybrid Caster & Camber Plates. 

We needlessly ran around -3.0 of camber at the front to determine the range of fitment possibilities we could explore. 

Once Spring showed up, I decided to raise the front and run a front camber closer to OEM specifications of -1.5. 


The initial fitment issues.

The hybrid camber & caste plates were a new product for Turner. They mistakenly shipped the wrong spring perches. I documented the issue and fix here

Essentially, it made the front much lower it should have been, and way bouncier and softer than Bilstein intended as the front springs were barely compressed. 

The B16 springs also eventually settled. It then started rubbing at at rear because of it. 

The correct spring perches. 

Causes and effects. 

Once I got the proper spring perches in, it immediately raise the front end and as a result, the rear squatted. 

I lowered the front again back to their lowest position. That was straight foward. 

I got on my back and went through the process of raising the rear while the car was on jack stands. 

The rear is a PITA: one notch and one turn at a time. I eventually made it to this fitment: rub free and flush at the rear.

Pretty mild at the front.

It wasn't just right yet.

Truthfully, I missed the more aggressive camber settings at the front and its effects on turn in. Sure, it will eat through tires quicker - but this wasn't a daily driver anymore. Fun was the priority for me. 

Front spacers. 

I took the 12.5mm spacers off the E60 as I fitted the BBS CHRs. I fitted these to the front 19x10+25 to effectively achieve a 19x10+12.5mm final offset with the PS4S 265-30-19. 

Catch the poke. 



Up next: I have an unexpected usage change for the Stripper that leads me to my final fitment.

I'll include a detailed table with fitment specifications. 


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