You've changed, a bit.

You've changed, a bit.
"In this new Special Series, I document the greatest lip ever designed by BMW M and my experiences sourcing various replica lips across Europe, ultimately leading to the development of OE+ GTS front lip kit.

In this entry, I finally receive the prototype upper lip from Bulgaria. I document my unboxing impressions and compare to my previously repaired, discontinued lip from Germany."
- Matt

It was Germany then.

In a previous entry, I documented the original 1:1 replica of GTS lip sourced from Germany, and its backstory. In short, I loved the kits for its upper lip's fiberglass construction, but a few things could be improved. 

Pardon the crappy picture, this was 2020 and pre-Euroconnex days. 

It's Bulgaria now.  

From late 2022, I explored potential collaborations with various manufacturers and brands in developing a new 1:1 replica of the GTS front lip kit incorporating various improvements from my experiences and those of various members. 

I was looking for a brand that had a mix of various capabities: pre-preg manufacturing, CNC machining, proper paint services and ABS  experiences - with the scale to support volume, and a target price point.

Many had the first 3x, few had all 4s. HaimusRacing ended up checking all boxes (!). They initially developed a pre-preg carbon prototype for their E92 M3. 

I've had 2x of their CSL carbon airboxes, along with their ABS printed snorkels. I've experienced their CNC machining expertise with the AP Racing Custom Clubsport BBK for the M3 V8.

The rear kit's hub is particularly impressive: combining an aluminum and zinc plated piece for the e-brake integration. 

The first composite prototype.

As part of the first phase of releasing a new 1:1 GTS front lip kit, we wanted to focus on the upper lip. 

The first version I received is manufactured with handlaid, woven fiberglass like the discontinued 360Carbon lip and painted in the same single stage, slightly rugged satin black finish. 

I lined it up next to my freshly repaired 360Carbon fiberglass upper section. 

My discontinued fiberglass lip has been repaired twice in its lifetime. We took the time to sand it down to perfection around the edges every time. The HaimusRacing prototype lip is rougher around the edges. 

You can see this underneath by the cut outs for bolting on the lip. 

HaimusRacing revised the tabs, enlarging them over the original design. It adds leeway should you want further fitment adjustments by enlarging the holes. It's a good idea on a fiberglass lip as they are extremely stiff. 

You can see how deeper the 2 component satin clear coated black of my repaired lip is. 

That's what clear coat does - and I find it worthwhile. It will be an option for the production lip, along with pre-applied paint protection film (PPF). Unfortunately, PPF cannot be applied to a rugged single stage finish. 

There is a very slightly design change by this section. The HaimusRacing design sits slightly more upright.   

You can better catch the differences here. Haimus also enlarged the section for 3M tape. 

A lip is only as good as its fitment. 

Up next: the bumper comes off again, and I'll comment on fitment. 


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