The Stripper

In this entry, we fit the prototype fiberglass upper GTS lip to the Stripper and take a step back.
In this entry, I finally receive the prototype upper lip from Bulgaria. I document my unboxing impressions and compare to my previously repaired, discontinued lip from Germany.
In this entry, I tag teamed the installation of the pre-preg carbon chassis mounted kit with Luigi at Exclusiv. I document the little things that make the install easier, improve fitment and give my final impressions on the carbon variant.
In this entry, I chat about the pre-preg carbon version of the GTS front lip kit and compare it to the discontinued fiberglass variant. I also touch on the mirage that were prototype metal brackets and the plastic lip projects. 
In this entry, I chat about what my experiences sourcing the fiberglass replica GTS lip kit from Germany along with 60+ owners that embarked upon the original group buy. 
In this entry, I chat about what made the GTS front lip kit the greatest BMW M ever designed, and the worst they've ever produced.
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