E9x M3 & 1M Carbon Mirror Caps
by Karbonius Composites
build journal: a special series
Recreating the discontinued original.

BMW M GbmH has recently began discontinuing the M Performance product line for the E9X M.

They started with one of it's most sought after product: the carbon fiber mirror caps. 

They were their most popular product in the lineup for a reason: they improved the overall aesthetics and they were 10/10 quality.

Also, they were 750$ US (!)

This successfull crowdfunding project led to the creation of an OEM replica with an optional twist.

I wrote a Special Series on the development, prototype adjustments, my impressions along with behind-the-scenes content to the crowdfunding.


- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

The same carbon process as OEM.

Karbonius uses a preg & autoclave carbon manufacturing process like OEM. It's easily discerned when looking at the underside of the caps: it's all carbon.

OE with a twist.

You can opt for the original M Perrformance 2x2 weave or match the OE carbon roof 1x1 weave pattern. Both can be clear coated in Gloss or Matte.

OE fitment.

The caps re-use the style, position and amount of brackets on the underside.
Spec your carbon caps
E9X/1M Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps
E9X/1M Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps
E9X/1M Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps
E9X/1M Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps


E9X/1M Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps

  • ConnexPlus Process

Installation Notes

Removing the OEM caps is probably the most nerve racking part of this. They are made from ABS plastics. It likes heat. Make sure you work in a heated environment. 

Apply gentle pressure at the edges all around. 

Pull. Pull harder. 

Made in Spain
Ana: the Spanish Connection.

Karbonius Composites is a leading manufacture of BMW M street & motorsport carbon products.

They have been on the rise since mid 2010s and establishing themselves as a leading manufacturer in the industry.

Quality, and most importantly customer service have set them apart.

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