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M5/6 V10

I've put together packages, quantity limited product specials and group buys on most popular V10 products that I curate.
All deals end Nov 27th 23:59 EST
LIMITED quantity special
Save 200$ off in-stock CSL carbon plenum

The highly popular plenum is available in limited numbers. Only 3x in stock, High Gloss units are discounted.

Limited quantity special

You want the complete Competition kit? I got you.

Save 500$ on the complete kit with enlarged Sealed Carbon Intakes.

Spec your Competition kit
You purely want the standard sealed intakes? 100$ off!
Use discount code "SealedV10" at checkout. It's the only coupon code based deal.
Save 500$ on the Ultimate Drivetrain kits

Example product

  • Unlimited Quantity Special
  • Made to order in 4 weeks
The kit combines the lightweight forged steel flywheel, and the carbon driveshaft.
Regular price$19.99
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leveling up the package for manual transmissions
You got a 6spd V10 and want even more?

I packaged the 6spd Clubsport Transmission Package with the YFCM carbon driveshaft.

You just need a flywheel? I got you, save 15% off on V10 options.

The S65 MT will fit with the S65 clutch in your OEM 6spd transmission.
Quantity limited group buy

Join the mini-group buy, and save 20% off.

Unlike the standard 50 unit threshold, I've worked with YFCM to offer a group buy limited to 20 units for all BMW M applications including the E36 M3, E39 M5, E85 Z4M, E46 M3, and E6x M5/6.

Lock in your spot
Save 500$ off the long tube headers, and stage 3 tuning combo.
This is an unlimited quantity special and includes Stage 3 tuning optimized for the headers.
unlimited quantity special
Save 15% on any stage MAF tunes.

S85s respond extremely well to tunes, even without any exhaust upgrade.

Save 300$ off the classic OE+ Carbon Plenums.
This is an unlimited quantity special for any finish and sticker specs.
unlimited quantity special for all M owners
The once-a-year Recaro Pole Position deal is back: save 300 USD off a set.

The deal is limited to pairs of Pole Position ABEs in Black Cloth and the Dinamica & Black Synthetic Leather combination. Recaro side mounts are optional.

Save 15% off on KW's V3 kits with EDC delete.

Save a little more, 10% off carbon trims.

Carbon Center Console

Applicable to any model year (SMG, 6spd, CCC, CIC, etc). The consoles are made to order in 6 to 10 weeks.

Spec your kit
Carbon Interior Trims

Applicable to any E6x chassis and year in the Full Kit. The trims are made to order in 6 to 10 weeks.

Spec your kit

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