Alcantara Selection
Choose from a wide selection of Genuine Alcantara™

Alcantara is a brand of synthetic microfiber, made from polyester and polyurethane that feels extremely similar to natural suede while being lighter, and more durable. 

Alcantara was first developed by Toray Industries in Japan during the 70s who partnered with ENI SpA to market and distribute the product. 

It has since been regarded as the highest quality material on the market.

All synthetic suede materials available in the Bespoke Recaro Seat Program are exclusively sourced from Alcantara™.

Alcantara started making its way into BMW M products with the E36 M3 with the signature Vader interiors and gained popularity with the high visibility of the E46 M3 CSL. It then became more widely used in the E60 M5 and special editions of the E92 M3.

BMW M specific colors

9002 Anthracite

9002 Anthracite (pictured on the right) is the most used color variant by BMW M. It is notably found across steering wheels, seats, headliners, pillars and other small touches are offered across various M cars.

9040 Deep Black

Deep Black is a rarely used color by BMW M. To my knowledge, it made its first appearance in the BMW Performance catalogue with the signature Sportster CS derived seats.

alcantara variants

BMW M's 9040.

The BMW Deep Black 9040 has slight variance to the run-of-the-mille Deep Black from Alcantara.

The standard black has a slight green hue not found on the original BMW 9040. We exclusively use BMW M's Deep Black in our program.

alcantara variants
A complete color spectrum.

For those looking to step outside the boundaries of traditional BMW M interiors, we have access to a wide spectrum of Genuine Alcantara colors.

Alcantara is an ideal material for accessories due to its stretchability and contrasting aesthetics.

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Bespoke Recaro Seats
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Our intention was to offer an OEM level re-creation of the discontinued BMW Performance seats down to the most minute details.

Every single stitches, the unique foam, the custom paint and embroidery along with the electronics integrated into the OEM seats were dissected.