What's a Connex?

EuroConnex allows brands & manufacturers to connex with BMW M community directly to offer new, innovative products via Specials, Group Buys and Partnerships.

We are Factory Direct: better products, better support, better prices.

The power of a community.

The answer is simple, but misunderstood: MAP policies.

Learn more here.

Brands cater to us because we stick together and ask for their commitment.

If we don't stick together - EuroConnex is worthless and brands will see us as another GroupOn - a fad that will die off in a year.


I'm Matt - fellow BMW M owner that got tired of quality products going discontinued, paying high prices for low quality and I had too much free time during the lockdowns of Fall 2020.

Read up more on my experiences in the automotive world and and why I'm doing this here

lol, no

EuroConnex works off razor thin commissions from brands to support the Community with valuable Connexes.

If I ever make bank with this, it's because we're going to have save tens of millions together.

I run this from 4AM to 8AM EST every morning, and sometimes at night if I don't fall asleep from exhaustion.

I have a day job, I work in tech and I am involved in other businesses.

It's by using a few tech startup tricks that I've been able to rapidly grow EuroConnex and automate operations that were pain points in running Specials & Group Buys.

You guys found value in this - so I said to myself: why not push it to its limits and see how far we can take this together?

And you've responded with a loud YES.

I'm incredibly grateful for that. Every day has been incredibly rewarding since launching EuroConnex, and that matters most over any amount of money in the world.

Thank you for trusting me.

- Matt

How does a Connex work?

Payments, taxes, shipping, duties, etc.

Your account will list all your orders and include fulfillment information such as tracking numbers.

It's all centralized. No more getting lost over which GB you've registered to and Specials you purchased.

When ordering on EuroConnex.co - you are connected directly to the brand. I don't manage payments - we save on fees.

The brands & manufacturers will send you a PayPal invoice directly for the amounts listed on the website.

Brands will send a PayPal invoice directly to your email address on your Connex account.

You can use any major credit cards without a PayPal account. Simply follow the instructions here.


Some brands will offer financing using PayPal Credit.

This will be made available on your PayPal invoices.

Financing availability and options will vary depending on the brand, and your region.

Learn more about PayPal Credit here.

Brands & Manufacturers will charge taxes to customers per their local fiscal regulations.

Many of the Connex supported on the site are from European brands.

VAT may apply. I am working to make this more transparent when you will be checking out.

Depending on your shipping address and the products' origin, your local fiscal authorities may charge duties.

If duties & customs are a concern in your country, please add notes during the order and we can chat about it.

Yes. I have negotiated price lists and shipping charges with them for the EuroConnex Community.

If they overcharge, slide in my DM and I will have a chat with them ;)

They will vary by brands.

Per experience, most European brands will use UPS as they have the best rates for global air shipping.

All brands will work to minimize shipping costs. If you are domestic to your Connex, they will offer ground shipping.

EuroConnex negotiates with brands & manufacturers all the world. I do my best to find brands that can cater to the global BMW M community.

Some of them already have exclusive distribution agreements that doesn't allow them to sell their products in certain regions.

It's rare, but it happens. It sucks.

How does it work for Group Buys?

Group Buying made easy for the BMW M community.

You will need a EuroConnex account to participate. Group Buys are listed under the Group Buys section of the website.

The Commit phase of a Group Buy is the 1st part of it.

It allows members of EuroConnex to commit to a Group Buy in one-click, no more sketchy forum lists and Google Forms (houray!).

Once we have reached the target number of members committed, the Group Buy will be converted into a Pre-Order.

This is when you actually order the product under the Group Buy terms & conditions. Complete Checkout via EuroConnex.

You will only be invoiced by the Brands once we have reached the number of Pre-Orders required.

The EuroConnex Group Buy platform is where the magic happens.

I input frequent Status Updates on all GBs that are visible on the specific GB page and is automatically emailed to anyone committed to the Group Buy.

Yes, as long as you haven't paid.

No hard feelings, life comes at us fast and family comes first.

Most group buys are special ordered items made specifically for us. As such, there is a no cancellation policy once you have paid.

Please consider the tremendous manufacturing efforts brands need to put together to support us.

DM me. I'll try to squeeze you in if possible.

What are Specials?

EuroConnex Specials are products curated by myself for all BMW M generations.

They are most often than not products that were originally offered under GBs, and that I use on my Stripper Build.

They are year round deals I have negotiated with Brands. No Group Buys needed - and less expensive than anywhere else.

That's the spirit of EuroConnex.

Order as you would on any regular online parts store. Select your Chassis under Specials, find your products, complete your checkout by selecting Factory Direct Payments and complete your order.

I will not gather your payment information.

Most products currently offered on EuroConnex are custom made to order. The lead times are indicated on the individual product page.

Some standard products are kept in stock by the Brands specifically for EuroConnex members.

We're first in line. That's the power of the community.

Returns, exchanges & warranty

As a tight knit community, brands know they need to take care of us.

If it goes sideways, I'm right here.

Each brand will have its own policies on return & exchanges that will be stated on their invoices to you.

If anything goes wrong with a brand, please reach out to me direct and I will evaluate the situation with you.

Mistakes happen, we're all humans. What matters is how we fix them.

First attempt to reach out to the brands. You're welcome to put me on CC.

If you're having issues with unsatisfactory or lack of answers get me involved.

How can I get involved?

The Connex is a community effort.

There is absolutely no way I could do any of this without the support of the community. I am ultimately just riding a wave we all are powering.

There's always room on board for anyone looking to contribute and bring ideas to the table.

Slide in my DMs and let's have a chat, facetime, whatever - I will make time.

100% - if there's a community need and it aligns with the quality we've come to expect from EuroConnex, don't hesitate to reach out.

Yes - the community was built around this.

I have worked with many of you guys and love to contribute to empowering yourself, your family and the community.

I will help you on thinking about your brand, marketing and how to price your products.

Helping startup founders is my day job.

Reach out! We'll chat about it and make introductions to your admins.

I'm not looking to step on anyone's toes, each community has different rules and codes of conducts.

We play by the rules.


Please slide in my DMs and let's talk about it. I am looking to expand content to DIY ressources to help the community.