E46 M3 Motorsport CF Bumper Ducts & Fog Light Delete
Carbon Production.de GmbH


E46 M3 Motorsport CF Bumper Ducts & Fog Light Delete

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Background Research

Following up on the E9X M3 GT4S lip group buy by 360Carbon featuring 60mm brake ducts. I started researching for backing plates and hoses to pair with the front lip, along with the now released GB on Slon's Ultimate Modular Retrofit BBK.

The E46 M3 is one of the lighter M cars, however we need all the cooling we can get, yet most ducts and hoses solution on the market are clumsy, routed in undertrays and most backplates have a ventilation design that does not direct air where it should be for efficient cooling of the rotors during Motorsport use.

Enter Silvano @ CarbonProduction.DE, a subcontractor and official supplier of carbon fiber components for AMG's GT3 & GT4 Motorsport programs. Silvano is well known around the Nurburgring for making high quality motorsport components - a combination that is quite rare as Motorsports usually rhymes with "will need some fitment work".

In true EuroConnex fashion: this is factory direct.

A unique cooling solution for the E46 M3: fog light delete

Silvano developed a unique and incredibly clever cooling solution for the E46 M3 by using redesigned fog lights encasings. 

This design allows us to route hoses in a much simpler way to the carbon fiber backplate that was engineered by Silvano.

The carbon construction is finally used for its strength characteristics - these undertray pieces take a beating, and the pre-preg carbon construction will ensure longer life spans for motorsport usage over OEM plastic corner pieces. 


  • 100% carbon fibre prepreg
  • Backing plate not included. See other listing. Highly recommended. 
  • Hoses not included, source locally.
  • Made in Germany
  • Cured in autoclave
  • Raw carbon finish, not clear coated
  • Great easy fitment guaranteed plug & play
  • 1 year craftsmanship warranty

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