E9X M3 MDCT Motorsport Paddles
E9X M3 MDCT Motorsport Paddles
E9X M3 MDCT Motorsport Paddles
E9X M3 MDCT Motorsport Paddles
E9X M3 MDCT Motorsport Paddles
E9X M3 MDCT Motorsport Paddles
E9X M3 MDCT Motorsport Paddles
Evolve Automotive Ltd


E9X M3 MDCT Motorsport Paddles

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The OE paddles are Meh

Ah, paddles - if there's an area where BMW M skimped out on the E9X M3, this is definitely one of them: small, button'y - meh.

Aftermarket CNC'ed paddles are also meh

I bought my E9X M3 with a set of aftermarket billet aluminum paddles that felt a bit clumsy and clearly misaligned with the overall interior design of the E9X M3.

I've personally always been longing for an F8X style paddle that wouldn't feel like an anachronism. 

Evolve's take on MDCT paddles

I reached out to Imran about EuroConnex and potentially reviving the E-Tronic exhaust system. While chatting, he sent over prototypes and drawings of their new paddle designs for the E9X M3. Imran owns a Japan Red E92 M3 ZCP and is a huge personal fan of our chassis.

He makes a point to continue supporting it in the future: foundational values to EuroConnex partnerships. 

Period Correct Design & Improved Feel

Evolve Automotive's paddle are designed to upgrade our interior to contemporary aesthetics while retaining the original design lines of the E92 M3 - truly a one of a kind design. 

The paddles are CNC machined from billet aluminum and made in the UK by Evolve. They are anodized titanium or black for a classic looking and feeling finish.

By being bigger than the OE paddles, the actuation mechanism is sturdier and feels better in your hands. 


  • Made in England
  • CNC machined billet aluminum
  • Anodized Titanium or Black finish
  • Plug and play fitment 


the connex is the real deal

Matt's the man. The Connex have literally made me save 5,000$ this year on my E92 M3 Clubsport build.


Matt is sourcing products I never thought I could get my hands on. The Connex is the real deal.



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